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Scents of Danger
Part 3

 By the time the drug wore off Athena’s sides were aching from her laughter and her arms were numb from the position that they had been forced into.  At some point she had blacked out and waking up again wasn’t pleasant.  The air in the room was stale with oil and dust.  She hadn’t thought about it when they had brought her and Tania in, but she realized now that the room must have been bellow the water line, near the engine room.  She could hear the steady hum of the engine as it gave the ship the power it needed to take and her Tania further into captivity.  The room was bare except for the two of them and a single caged light bulb in the ceiling.    
 “Ultra Woman,” Athena asked “can you move?”
 “Ca….  Can’t…. Bre…  Breath!” Tania said.  “Mi…  Might…. Able…”
 She tensed once but then fell limp as her body failed.
 Athena tried herself but her arms were pulled up and behind her in a way that robbed her of any leverage.  Her hands were numb.  She might have been able to break the chains if she were in a different position, but not now.  She tried to stand but the chain that held her to the cleat was too short.  She could only stand half way and the pressure on her shoulders increased.  Once she sat down another pressure hit her.
 Great, now I have to use the bathroom.
 Athena took a deep breath and willed the pressure away.  She’d been in this sort of situation before without embarrassing accidents and now was no time to start.  Besides, she could use the excuse later.
 “Ultra if you can…”
 The door opened interrupting her and Salty came in carrying a pair of bottles and a medical bag.
 “Eve’nin wenches,” He said pleasantly.  
 Athena looked at him and tried not to glare.  From the hints he’d dropped she guessed that Salty was a lot more than just the old sailor he pretended to be.  No sense making him mad just yet.  But later she was going to enjoy knocking a few of his remaining teeth out.
 “What are those?” She asked.
 “Dinner,” He said setting the bottles down.  He set the bag down as well and took out two syringes.  Without warning or explanation he pinned Athena’s legs down with his knee and stuck the needle into her thigh.
 “What the hell are you doing?” Athena demanded, grunting with pain.
 “Got a couple of buyers for your blood,” Salty said.  He took the needle out, labeled the now full syringe and put it into the case.
 “Our blood?”
 “Yea, not all of ye, just the blood.”  He repeated the procedure on Tania.  “Real buyers gonna be the Cartel, they’ll pay two million for the blonde here and another half mill for you.”
 “Where are we headed?”
 “Cartel Island, down south.  Nice place.”
 “Not for us,” Athena said.
 “Every wench says some’n like that and then they give ya a smile when it’s done.”
 He brought one of the bottles to her lips.
 “I need to use the ladies room,” Athena said.
 Salty gave a laugh and then placed his hand palm down on the lower part of her abdomen.  Athena stiffened fearing some sort of sexual assault but instead he closed his eyes and chanted softly and the pressure in Athena’s bladder faded.
 “I been doin this for a lot a years,” Salty said with another laugh.  He held up his hand.  “The only head calls you get are through this and straight into the sea.”
 Athena sighed and sipped the green and yellowish liquid from the bottle.  It tasted like cauliflower and sauerkraut.  The stuff oozed down her throat and settled into her stomach like cement.  
 “What is that?”
 “Something that’ll keep the meat on your bones,” Salty said turning to Tania.

 A competent jailor was one of the most dangerous things a heroine could face, Tania knew.  Worse when he was what Tania guessed Salty was.  She suspected he was one of the imortalis corsair, an ancient race of immortal pirate’s spawned by some forgotten sea witch.  He knew lore that was old before Troy fell and he knew all the escape tricks that had ever been invented.  There were perhaps half a dozen of them in the world and all of them dangerous.
 “You need to use the head too?” Salty asked bending over her.
 “Oh yea, little trouble breathing.  Well I got you for that.”
 He placed his hand palm down on her abdomen and chanted as he had done with Athena.  But this was a different chant and Tania felt a bolt of energy go through her as in an instant he triggered a sexual climax in her body.  For a few moments Tania thought her heart would burst and her vision went from gray to black.  When it cleared she found that the chains around her body had been loosed and she could breath again.  But she felt weak as all amazons did after they climaxed.
 “I been on the sea a long time,” Salty said holding the bottle to her lips.  “Met more than one amazon.  Course that weren’t a real one, just a quick dab that’ll keep ya tame for seven minutes instead’a hours, but that’s more than long enough.”
 The stuff tasted foul but Tania drank it.  He kept pulling the bottle away, obviously timing her helplessness.  After she had drunk it all he eased her back down to the deck and placed his hand over her abdomen again. This time the chant was the same as he had used for Athena.  
 “I didn’t have the need,” Tania said.  She could feel her power returning.
 “You will soon enough and I got enough things to do then to keep coming down here.”
 He pressed the disc that controlled the chains and Tania tensed as her body was pressed into the vise-like grip once more.  She winced and gasped but was strong enough to hold the worst of it at bay for a few moments.  
 “The Cartel will torture us both,” Tania managed to gasp out just before the chains tightened.  “You know that.”
 “Yep,” He said in a matter of fact tone and left.
 Tania didn’t growl but only because she couldn’t get enough breath into her body to do so.
 “Any better?” Athena asked.
 “Some,” Tania gasped out.  She could breathe in but only barely and breaking the chains was impossible.  
 “Can you roll over onto your chest?”
 “I think so,” Tania said.  
 “Ok, hold on.”
 Tania watched as Athena stretched her legs out as far as she could.  Then she started to click her boots together.
 “These boots are made for walking,” Athena sang softly, tapping her boot heels and toes against each other to the tune of the music.  “One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you!  Da, da-da-Ta!  Da, da-da-Ta!”
 There was a soft beep and a small door opened on the side of her heels’ and a capsule popped out of each heel.  Then the doors closed.
 “When these two capsules are crushed together,” Athena said pushing them together with the toe of her boot “they form an acid that’ll eat through metal.  If you can roll onto them and crush them with that round thing that the chains come out of it should snap enough of the chains for you to get free.”
 She pulled her feet up and Tania started to rock back and forth.  Her arms and legs started to tingle as what little oxygen she was able to take in was used up.  Her vision started to fade in and out and she coughed.  Without even breath enough to moan she had to endure the pain silently as her body tried desperately to keep working even as it was shutting down.  She finally made it and rolled onto her stomach.  She heard the capsules break and after a moment an acrid odor filled her head as the acid started to work.  A burning pain in her chest made Tania realize that the acid was going further than the metal and with a last burst of strength she rolled off of it.  
 There was a deep-pitted scar in the metal floor that smoked and that same smoke wafted up from her chest.  But it worked and she felt relief as the chain snapped and the tension released.  After a minute of heavy breathing she snapped the remaining chains and sat up.
 “I’ve always liked that song,” Athena said.
 “Interesting boots,” Tania said struggling to her feet.  She breathed deeply, feeling her strength return.  The gold of her costume had been partially eaten away and there was a red mark on her skin but beyond that there was no damage.  Or at least that was she thought until she moved and her breasts almost started to fall out of her costume.  She tucked them back in and hoped they’d stay that way.
 “I got tired of loosing all my toys when someone took away my utility belt,” Athena said.  Tania snapped the chain holding her to the cleat and eased Athena down to the deck.  
 “There’s three capsules,” Athena said as Tania carefully started to snap the links on her chains.  
 “Very handy,” Tania said.  “Where did you get them?”
 “T-Gal made them for me, but the idea came from Le Joueur after she and I did a Baroness/Lady J cosplay.
 “Yea well that’s what she calls it,” Athena said.
 Tania took the hint and dropped the subject.  Carefully she released the chains and slowly eased Athena’s arms down.  Athena moaned and Tania massaged her shoulders.  After a few minutes Athena sat up and flexed them.  Tania could tell that she was still in pain but at least she could move them.
 “As long as the Cannon has those weapons a straight fight is out,” Athena said.  “Not to mention that Salty guy.”
 “Agreed,” Tania said.  “I suggest we get to the radio shack and call for help.”
 “What about taking out the engine first?”
 “They’d probably notice that,” Tania said.
 Athena nodded and then stood up and stretched.  
 “How are you?”
 “Sore, but ok.”
 “Let’s go then.”
 Tania led the way and Athena followed.

 Athena’s shoulders were burning but she knew that would fade quickly.  She still had trouble believing that the capsule in the boot idea worked.  It had sounded too James Bond to her when Le Joueur had suggested it.  Then again she had been in a James Bond situation with only her boots left when ‘the Baroness’ suggested it.  
 She’ll never let me forget it when she finds out it worked, Athena thought.
 The ship was in a bad state as far as dirt and grime went.  Here and there Athena also saw rats darting in and out.  The idea that her priceless art was on this tub added even more fuel to her anger but she kept her mind focused.  She and Tania made their way up through the decks until they came to a long corridor that was slightly wider than the rest.  They moved down it slowly, checking each door.  They both stopped at one doorway as they heard voices inside.
 “I’ve lost everything!”
 Athena recognized Ms. Skunk’s voice.
 “Lamora you’re an amateur who jumped into the big leagues,” The Cannon replied.  “You even used your own cell phone and I told you not too.  What made you think being a supervillain is easy?”
 There was the sound of frustration followed by something breaking.
 “That bitch needed to be taught!  She hurt my brother and no one does that to my family!”
 Tania looked a question at her and Athena mouthed the words ‘I don’t know’.  What ever Lamora thought Athena had barely talked to her brother.
 “Well now you have a choice,” The Cannon said.  “You get into bed with me and some of the crew and I’ll take you along to Cartel Island and you can make a deal with them, that’s called working your way across the sea.”
 “You came to me Lamora, you looked me up, you decided which museum to rob,” There was a clink of glasses and he went on.  “You ran to this ship ahead of a squad car.  You’re right; you’ve lost everything, including the money I paid you.  You’ve got nothing since I already bought your formulae.  Nothing except a pretty good body and if you want to keep it dry then you better calm down and start being nice.”
 He spoke briskly and calmly, almost as if he were explaining simple math to a none-to bright student.  Tania and Athena waited a few moments and then heard glasses clinking together again.
 “I’m going to get that bitch for this,” Lamora said.
 “Maybe, but that’s later.”
 “I’m not a whore!”
 “All women are even if they don’t know it.  You don’t want to get into the bed?  Then get out and start swimming.  I’ll even give you a life preserver.”
 “Damn you!”
 “Done and done,” The Cannon said.  “My parents saw to that.  Enough already, loose the shirt and take the drink or go into the drink and see how long you last.  Tell you what, if you’re good I won’t give you to all of the crew, just the best ones.”
 “Damn you…!”
 There was another moment of silence and then Athena heard the sound of fabric tearing.  Athena shook her head and she and Tania moved on.  

 “Why the hell does she think I have anything to do with what happened to her brother?” Athena whispered as they came on deck.
 “I think she’s the type of person who will always find someone else to blame for her problems.” Tania said.
 That was a possibility, but Athena didn’t think so.  That woman had it in for Athena Nichols; but why?  There were a lot of people who had a grudge against White Owl, but not Athena.  She promised herself that the puzzle would be solved after they got her into a jail cell.  A part of her had wanted to help Lamora but Athena knew that one shout would bring the crew down on them.
 They moved quietly from shadow to shadow.  The deck was poorly lit and the sky was moonless and Athena was thankful for that.  Slowly they made their way to the upper decks.  Tania stopped and motioned and Athena followed her gaze.  Ebony Greed was spread out on the deck, secured by thick chains welded to the metal.  A metal cage-gag was secured to her head and five lamps bathed her in bright light.  She was as helpless as they had been but in more pain.  Two of the crew stood over her and whipped her with electrically charged whips.
 Moving on they climbed a set of stairs and slipped into a long corridor.  The bridge was at the end but there were two doors set on either side.  Cautiously they made their way past the first door and opened the second on the left.  The room was empty except for a sophisticated communications set up.
 Tania sat down and adjusted the frequency.  
 “This is state of the art,” She said.  “How did the police search miss it?”
 “They were looking for art,” Athena said.  “I’m betting that the dirt and rats are just a cover.”
 “US Coast Guard please come in,” Tania said.  
 “Coast Guard, identify yourself.” A calm voice answered.
 “This is Ultra Woman, White Owl and myself are on the Silver Starfish, approximately 32° 31' N by 69° 53' W, heading Southwest.  We have on board the stolen art from Queen City, the criminal Cannon and Ms. Skunk.  Request assistance.”
 “Roger,” the still calm voice said.  Athena was impressed with the professionalism.  “It’ll be at least five hours before we can get to you, what is your situation.”
 “Tentative,” Ultra Woman said.  “We’ll try to remain in hiding.  Be advised this ship is carrying advanced weaponry.”
 “Roger, inform us if you can about any course changes.”
 “Roger and out,” Tania said.
 “How did you know our co-ordinates?” Athena asked.
 “I was a scout for most of my life before I was chosen to come to man’s world,” Tania said.  “The stars told me all I needed to know.”
 “Show off,” Athena said giving her a quick smile.
 The sound of gunfire was sudden and muffled.  Athena went to the door and looked out.  The corridor was empty but there were sounds of a commotion on the deck.  They went to the door and opened it.
 The scene on the main deck was chaos.  Small black gargoyles with wings and swords were attacking the crew.  A few of them were starting to free Ebony.
 “Looks like she got help,” Tania said.  “What do you think we should do?”
 “Wait and pick off the survivors,” Athena said.  “Ebony might turn her little friends on us.”
 “True,” Tania said.  “On the other hand…”
 Her voice cut out and Athena turned to see Tania struggling with the Cannon.  He had clamped a pad over her face and was pulling her back.  Just as Athena went toward them someone took her legs out from under her and she fell back into Lamora’s arms.  Another pad was clamped over her face.
 “We’ll deal with that bitch later,” Lamora said “right now you two are going to stop caring.”
 Athena felt the familiar cursed dizziness of the drug and struggled to keep her strength as her legs buckled beneath her.  She felt dizzy and could feel the darkness reaching for her.  But the effect only lasted a second and then her strength returned.  She grabbed Lamora’s arm and pulled the pad away from her face.  Tania had done the same to the Cannon.  
 “What ever this stuff is,” Athena said throwing her into him “it’s not working.”
 Lamora hit the Cannon and they both were thrown into the wall of the ship.
 Athena had never felt so relieved.  But instinct told her not to relax in the middle of a battle and the instinct was right.  She heard a slight popping sound above her head and looked up in time to see a bunch of tiny black spiders dropping toward her.  She batted and swatted at them but they were tangled in her hair before she even raised her arms.  The crawled all over her face, into her nose and mouth and ears.  They covered her eyes and she felt her eyelids being sealed with webbing.
 Get to the water; Athena thought trying to move toward the railing.  The water might dissolve the webbing.  But the attack was so sudden and so savage it was too late by the time she had the thought.  She could feel them in her head, crawling into her brain.  It only took a few terrifying seconds before her memories and willpower were sealed in mind controlling cocoons.  Then Salty’s voice hit her like a slap in the face.
 “Yer ship be threatened bitches!  Don’t stand for it!”
 And he was right of course.  The spiders echoed his words and their voices sounded like Athena’s own.
 Protect the ship!  Obey him!
   Athena felt the certainty of her cause and his command down her bones and she knew that Tania felt it as well.  The webbing fell away from her eyes and she saw Ebony Greed and the Gargoyles fighting the crew.
 “Aye-Aye!” She shouted and turned to rush to the deck.
 Every part of Tania’s spirit struggled against the order but the mystical spiders had built a web around her mind and no other thought was allowed but the thoughts that they spoke.
 Protect the ship, their voices spoke in an eerie echo of her own, as if a chorus echoed her voice, fight the invaders!
 Tania grabbed one of the gargoyles and sent it hurtling across the deck. Beside her Athena did the same.  Her lips were drawn back in a parody of a smile as the spiders in her mind gave her the same instructions.  They fought their way across the deck to where the gargoyles had just managed to free Ebony Greed.  She was weak and smaller but still taller than either of them.  That didn’t stop Tania and Athena from charging into her.  Tania went for her shoulders and Athena went for her legs and they went down in a wild tangle of limbs.  Tania pounded on the woman’s chest while Athena struggled against two of the gargoyles.  More of the small creatures appeared and swarmed over them.  One of them grabbed Tania around the throat while another tore at her face.  Tania was pulled over and fell into Athena who was being torn at by three of the creatures.
 “Hold them!” Ebony said as she climbed to her feet an avoided a stun blast.  Tania pushed past the gargoyles only to be hit in the face by Ebony’s foot.  She went down stunned.
 Athena struggled to get clear of the gargoyles but they were stronger and heavier than they looked.  Two of them were hugging her legs while another was pounding away at her stomach.  Another leapt over both of them to land feet first on her chest and drive her to the deck.  The wind was knocked out of her and Athena was struggling to get it back when Tania landed on her.  Then the fight became too confused for her to really tell what was going on.  She struggled to try to get clear of Tania and Tania struggled to get clear of her but the gargoyles were holding them both down.  One of them grabbed her head from behind and slammed it into the deck.  Athena’s head rang and for a moment the spiders were silent.  Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Salty about to throw something at Ebony.  
 Athena moved as quickly as she could, her mind momentarily clear.  Grabbing one of the gargoyles she threw it with all her might at Salty.  It hit him and they went backward over the side of the ship.  
 Fight the invaders!
 The spider’s command was one she couldn’t dis-obey and Athena tore into the gargoyles again.  The fight might have lasted minutes or longer, her mind was in a haze and Athena was only conscious of the battle.  At last she threw a punch at a gargoyle but it vanished into smoke.  So did all the others and Athena and Tania were left standing on an empty deck.  There was no sign of Ebony.
 With the invaders gone Athena could sense the spiders in her head start to die off.  But they seemed to melt into her thoughts and left her mind a confused haze.  She fell to her knees on the deck and struggled to think.  Beside her Tania did the same.  
 “Take’em down hard!” The Cannon shouted.
 Athena barely had time to think to defend herself before she went down under the weight of multiple blows from pry-bars and brass knuckles.  The last thing she remembered was blow after blow hitting the back of her head.

 Tania managed to stay semi-conscious as they carried her and Athena back to their prison.  She was still too weak from the beating to do anything and every movement brought new pain to one part of her body or another.  The Cannon carried her and Turner carried an un-conscious Athena.  When they reached the room he threw her down on the hard metal deck and Tania couldn’t help but cry out as fresh pain wracked her body.  Turner threw Athena down and she moaned.
 “No sign of Salty since he went overboard,” The Cannon said.  “Turner think you can rig up something to hold them?  Most of the crew is going to be out for a while and I can’t spare anyone for guard duty.”
 “If I can grab something out of the cook’s stores yea,” Turner said.
 “Go and do it, hurry up.”
 Turner left in a hurry and the Cannon bent down and pulled Tanis’s boots off.
 “What are you doing?” Lamora asked.
 “They got out of Salty’s chains somehow,” The Cannon said pointing to the ruined chains on the floor.  “They must have something.”  
 He examined Tania’s boot and then tossed it away and pulled off the other one.  Lamora pulled off Athena’s boot.
 “Why didn’t the stuff work?” The Cannon asked as he pulled off Tania’s belt and ran his fingers over it.”
 “I don’t know, maybe because they’re super human.”
 The Cannon laughed derisively as he rolled Tania over and unzipped her costume.  Tania was awake enough to moan as he rolled her back over and pulled her costume down.
 “What?” Lamora asked.
 “Better come up with something to tell the Cartel,” he said as Tania’s breasts were exposed.  He jerked the rest of the costume of leaving only her blue panties.  He pulled off Tania’s tiara and examined it, then tossed it aside.  “You try selling them something that doesn’t work on superhumans and you’ll end up one of their test subjects.”
 “It works, you saw it work.”
 He pulled Tania’s blue panties off and gave them a quick examination before tossing them to the floor with the rest of her costume.
 “Anything?” He asked as Lamora pulled off Athena’s white panties.
 “Nothing,” She said tossing Athena’s panties to the floor.
 “Got it Skipper,” Turner said.  “Give me fifteen minutes and these two won’t be going anywhere.”  He was carrying a large box and put it down.  He paused briefly to gaze at the two nude women and then set to work.  First he used a ladder to weld a pair of rings to the ceiling.  Then he ran a couple of chains through them.  Tania’s strength was coming back but she was only able to struggle weakly as he twisted some smaller metal bars around her wrists and then welded them to the opposite ends of a two foot long metal bar.  Then he welded one of the chains to the center of the bar.
 “Pull the slack as I lift her up?” He asked and the Cannon went over to the cleat that Salty had welded to the bulkhead earlier and ran the chain through it.  Tania could not help moaning as Turner put his hand between her legs and grabbed her butte to lift her into a standing position.  Tania was lifted up until she was standing and then just a little bit higher so that she was suspended in mid air.  
 “Hold her for just a sec,” Turner said reaching into the box.  He took out a gray box about a foot wide with a pressure plate on it and the Cannon eased Tania down until she was standing on top of it.  Then he went over to the wall and used a pad lock between the links to hold the chain in place.  Taking a roll of duct tape he wrapped it half a dozen times around Tania’s mouth and chin.  
 “Here’s the way it works,” Turner said bending down and pulling a metal pin out of the box.  “This is a land mine, you step off and it blows up.”
 “Simple and effective,” The Cannon said.  “Good work.”
 They repeated the procedure with Athena and she was awake enough after he put the gag on her to nod when Turner asked if she understood.
 “I want to try some of my other formulas,” Lamora said going up to Tania.  “Run some tests and see if there’s a reason they can resist them.”
 “No,” The Cannon said.  “Right now they aren’t going anywhere and I want to keep them that way.  You had your chance and blew it Lamora.”  He smiled.  “Besides you’re going to be busy with Turner.”
 “He’s just done a good job for me, you’re the reward.”
 “Thanks boss,” Turner said putting his arm around Lamora’s shoulder.
 “Get off of me!”
 They scuffled but the smaller woman was no match for the sailor and he picked her up and carried her out of the door.
 “Stand still ladies,” The Cannon said following him.  “Or don’t.  The Cartel may drop the price but they’ll still pay no matter how many pieces you’re in.  I’m going to see if I can find out what Ebony Greed grabbed before she left.”

 Despite her anger at the other woman Athena felt sick as Lamora was carried off.  No woman in the world deserved to be raped and that was essentially what was going to happen to her.  
 And us, Athena thought.  Or worse.  
 She’d heard enough of the Cartel to know that they valued human life and dignity about as much as they did yesterdays lunch.  Tania was on their hit list and Athena was sure that they’d have something for her too.
 Think, Athena told herself looking around the room.  Look for the flaw, there’s got to be one.  There’s got to be!
 Unfortunately the room was bare except for some spare lengths of chain and two piles of clothing.  Athena tested her chains and found that she could pull them downward just a little.  She was also able to turn and she and Tania exchanged looks but that was all that they could do.  
 We’re just going to hang here naked until they come for us, Athena thought.  They could have at least left me my… Panties?
 Athena looked down at her feet and a thought came to her.  Taking a deep breath she lifted one foot off of the mine.  Nothing happened and she reached into the pile of clothing with her toes and pulled out her panties.  Carefully she drew the underwear onto the mine and grabbed the elastic band by pinching it between her big toe and her ring toe.  Then she did the same with her other foot and pulled the elastic to the edge and then around the side of the mine.  
 Athena was sweating heavily and could hear her own heart beating as she slid the elastic under the mine.  She had to shift her weight backward just a little bit to do it but she managed to get it underneath the infernal machine.  Then she dragged it around the other edge and back to the top.  Athena did this a few more times, wrapping the elastic band around the mine until she’d stretched the elastic as far as it could go and twisted the edge of it around the edge of the mine.  She let it go and it didn’t move.  Carefully she pulled herself up off of the mine.  There was no give beneath her feet.  
 Athena swallowed and looked over at Tania.  Tania’s eyes were calm and she nodded.
 Goddess help me, Athena thought and pulled herself off of the mine and flipped so that she was upside down with her feet braced against the ceiling.  Nothing happened and Athena brought her legs up double to get more leverage and then pulled.  At first the bar was too strong.  But even though Athena was tired she was also angry and scared and those two emotions combined lent strength to her limbs.  She strained until at last the metal bar bent and she was able to bring her wrists together.  It only took a few more minutes to break the rings and free herself.
 Athena jumped down and fell down onto the deck as her beaten body betrayed her.  For a few moments she laid there and mastered the pain.  Then she rolled over and checked the mine.  The elastic was holding and she grabbed Tania’s panties from the floor and wrapped her mine the same way.  Tania didn’t bother bracing herself, she tensed and twisted the bar that held her arms snapping it in two.  Athena pulled the duct tape off of her face while Tania snapped the rings that held her wrists.
 “Between your boots and your underwear I’ve come to love your wardrobe,” Tania said when she had pulled her own gag off.
 “Three packages for a dollar at Discount Dolly’s Dollar Palace,” Athena said taking a deep breath.  Her body ached all over.  “But we’ll have to go commando from here on.”
 “Not a problem,” Tania said pulling her costume up.  “We’re hurt but after the last fight the crew isn’t in much better shape.  I think it’s time to take out the engine room.  We can shut it down, barricade ourselves in and wait for the coastguard.”
 “Sounds good,” Athena said pulling her boots on.
 The ship shuddered and they went to the door and opened it.  Though muffled the sounds of a battle could be heard on deck.
 “Coast guard I guess,” Athena said.
 “Feeling up to finishing this?” Tania asked.
 There was a part of Athena that really didn’t want too.  She was tired and sore.  But the part was quickly smothered by a desire for both vengeance and justice.  
 “Oh yea,” She said as her hands became fists.

  This time Tania allowed her self to drink but she was careful to take very slight sips.  She and Athena were once more in Le Joueur’s casino.  It had been a week since they had helped the coast guard take the Silver Starfish.  The stolen art had been returned.  All that was missing was a claw from a lost statue of Tigera, an obscure Sumerian goddess.  Why Ebony Greed had taken that was a mystery.  
 One of too many mysteries.  It turned out that Lamont T’ Kaya never had a sister, was teaching school in Greece and when questioned by Interpol had no idea what was going on.  He referred to Athena as: “That stuck up white woman who wouldn’t talk to me” and Lamora herself had vanished when the coast guard boarded the ship.  Detective Debbane was admittedly puzzled.  Not humbled or willing to revise her opinion of superheroes, but puzzled.  The impression she gave during the debriefing was that White Owl and Ultra Woman should be brought up on charges for interfering with a police investigation.  She’d been told off by the local DA and left in a huff.  Tania was sure that they would meet again.
 Those mysteries however was not what had brought her and Athena to the Golden Spire after hours.  
 “Sounds like a terribly grand ordeal,” Le Joueur said as Athena finished filling her in.  “I’m not surprised that Salty got away.”
 “You know him?” Athena asked.
 “He’s come in here from time to time,” Le Joueur said.  She leaned forward and eyed her.  “Poker is his game.  So how far up between your shoulder blades did he get your arms?”
 She had become aroused when Athena described their bondage, Tania was sure of it.  Whatever Athena thought of this woman Tania didn’t think it she was trustworthy.
 “Farther than you ever have or will,” Athena said sipping her own drink.
 “But why come to me?” Le Joueur asked.  “Seems like justice was done.”
 “The Cannon is in federal lock up,” Athena said.  “But he doesn’t know who he sold our blood too.  It was an offer that popped into his phone as a text message and he never even talked to the buyer.  The woman who picked up the blood flew onto the ship dressed in black with batwings and a mask shaped like a bat.  She gave him cash and then flew off with the blood.”
 “Oh, so you would like to know who she is.”
 “That would interest us yes,” Athena said matching Le Joueurs tone of voice.
 “Well Athena you’re already into me for a night,” She stretched back and gave an exaggerated yawn.  “I don’t feel like giving that up on a bet.  Even if I win alls I’ll gain is another night.”
 She hadn’t taken her eyes off of Tania.  But Tania had known this was coming and had talked it over with Athena.
 “I am not in your debt,” Tania said leaning forward.  “Are you interested?”
 “Do you have a red wig?”
 “I can get one.”
“Choose your game Ultra Woman,” Le Joueur said smiling and swept her arm in an arc that encompassed every game in the room.  Her eyes seemed to shine as she gazed at Tania.  “The house is open for business.”

 Epilogue 1:

 The room was ancient and filled with a malevolent presence.  But it was a presence that was also very weak.  The drawings on the wall were faded and they had never been the best to begin with.  Still that didn’t stop the woman who had called herself Lamora from walking as if she were walking through a palace or church.  She was dressed in a dull gray robe.  She walked to a ruined statue and knelt, being her body so that her forehead touched the dusty floor.  The torches on either side of the statue made her shadow long.
 “Get up,” Shawna Debbane said from the doorway.
 “I have earned the right,” Lamora said standing.  
 Shawna’s eyes turned to fire and Lamora bowed her head.
 “I’m sorry.”
 “I did not mean that you could not worship sister,” Shawna said.  “But you must not kneel there.”
 She walked past Lamora and knelt down herself.  After a few moments gargoyles walked from the corners of the room and into her shadow.  Shawna cried out in pain as each one did.  Ebony Greed entered the room.  The villainess was shrunk and weak, her steps uncertain but she made it across the room and fell into Shawna’s shadow.  Shawna screamed in agony for a few moments and then collapsed to the floor.  
 Lamora went to her and helped the other woman sit up.  
 “My shadow was almost spent,” Shawna said.  
 “I couldn’t stop the Cannon from using his weapons,” Lamora said.
 “Nor could I stop White Owl and Ultra Woman from interfering,” Shawna admitted.  “But it worked to our favor.  No one suspects the real reason for the robbery.”
 They both looked at the ruined statue.  
 “Her power will grow on limb at a time,” Lamora said.
 “And when we are finished it will be the other gods who will be cast down,” Shawna said.  

 Epilogue 2:

 The computer display was a state of the art hologram that floated in mid air.  In that display two cells were shown side by side.  On the left was one labeled “White Owl” and on the right was one labeled “Ultra Woman”.  
 The man who asked the question stood behind the woman who sat at the computer.  He was old and frail looking, wearing an expensive business suit.  His white hair was down to his shoulders and his one eye gazed at her.  In contrast she looked to be no more than 20, if that and wore a pair of cut-off jeans and a T-shirt that was tight enough to leaving nothing of her slight breasts to the imagination.  Her hair was as white as his, but worn longer, almost to her waist.  
 “Two minutes and you want results?”
 “I trained you better than that daughter,” he said.  “I expected results in two seconds.”
 They both laughed, but there was a bitter tinge to the laugh.  Had anyone been in the room with them it would have caused the hair to stand up on their arms.
 “The cells have extra’s in them,” She said pressing a few keys to bring up another cell.  This one was smaller and the differences could be easily seen.  “This is my cell.  The plasma membrane is thicker on theirs and the internal structure is different.  “The nucleus has an extra structure, not sure what it does yet.  But the key is the similarities between the two.  What they have and what I don’t have.  Both White Owl and Ultra Woman get their strength from magic, this extra bit in the nucleus” she highlighted section of both diagrams “might be the key to how their cells process the magical energy.  The energy seems to be in the background of our universe, always there but hard to tap.”
 “Duplicate their cell structure into your own and you’ve got their strength, Emmy,” He said putting his hand on her shoulder.
 “And I will be safe father,” She said reaching up and taking his hand.  “At last I will be safe.”
 She squeezed the fingers painfully and he winced.
 “Just like I should have been safe all those years ago.”
 She kept squeezing but the older man didn’t protest.  

Scents of Danger part 3
White Owl and Ultra Woman are held captive on a ship heading toward a dangerous fate.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
Scents of Danger
Part 2

 It was their attempt to strangle each other that had saved Athena and Tania.  They had rolled across the loading dock floor tearing and hitting at each other in a mindless rage.  That rage had prevented any real strategic thought.  Tania did not transform into Ultra Woman so she did not have her full powers.  They both forgot the advanced fighting moves each had spent a life time learning.  The only thing that either of them cared about was killing the other.  Both of them sought to strangle the other and both kept breaking the hold.  In the end they smashed through a packing crate and amidst the splinters each got a death hold on the other’s throat.  The result was that they both choked each other into unconsciousness.
 Now lying in her hospital bed Athena watched the sun set and told herself again that almost killing her friend wasn’t her fault.  But she wondered; had she always been jealous of Tania?  Did she just follow orders or did the drug free some dark part of her?  The idea that a part of her felt that way -however small that part was- chilled and sickened her.  She had been hypnotized and drugged before, she’d had her mind taken over three different ways but each time she’d had a little corner of herself that was free.  This time hadn’t been like those times.  This time it had been a primal, terrible force tearing it’s way through her.  A savagery that she’d never felt before and never wanted to feel again.  
 “Athena?” Tania asked from the doorway to her room.
 “Come on in,” Athena said.
 Tania walked in and stood by the bed.  She was wearing a casual pair of blue slacks, a white blouse and a blue sweater.  She’d healed days before once she’d been able to transform into Ultra Woman.  Also Tania had been lucky to land in the crate after Athena had smashed into it.  A jagged wood splinter the size of a tire iron had stabbed through Athena’s gut and another through her leg.  That had added a few days to Athena’s healing and brooding time.  
 “It wasn’t our fault,” Tania said as if reading her mind.
 “I hated you,” Athena said.
 “I hated you too,” Tania said.  “That drug stripped away our humanity and reduced us to animals.  I was aware but the fury I felt was beyond control.”
 Athena nodded, relieved that the other woman didn’t blame her.  It would have been silly if she had but Athena hadn’t been able to push the feelings aside.
 “They’re releasing you tomorrow,” Tania said.  “The hunt begins then.”
 “Damn right,” Athena said.
 “Forgive me but I don’t think amateur detective work is going to help right now,” A new voice said from the doorway.  
 Athena looked over and saw a tall woman standing in the doorway.  With an effort she suppressed her anger.  Shawna Debbane was an Interpol agent working the case and she had the care and compassion of a rock.  Though attractive she dressed down, wearing a plain grey skirt and blouse with a black coat and a black purse.  The woman had a severe face (which Athena had come to think of as owlish) that was highlighted by her thick eyebrows and her hair was drawn back into a strict ponytail.  Her olive complexion completed what could have been an exotic beauty if her attitude didn’t come across as condescending.  
 “Those people came into my museum, stripped me, molested me and forced Tania and I to fight to the death,” Athena said.  “No way in the world that’s let go.”
 “I can understand your feelings,” Shawna said in a tone that said she didn’t.  “But The Cannon is no one to fool with.  It won’t do anyone any good if you and Ms. Mezona end up as prisoners or are sold to one of his many white slavery contacts.”
 “It’s Mezona,” Tania corrected her “and we would have help.  Ultra Woman and White Owl have offered aid.”
 “I’d like to avoid involving any of the local freaks,” Shawna said.  “I have enough trouble with them at home.”
 “I’m not saying they don’t have their uses Ms. Nichols, but we’re not dealing with supervillains.  The Cannon just likes to wear a mask to keep his true identity hidden and we’ve already identified Ms. Skunk.”
 “Who is she?” Athena asked deciding not to press the ‘freaks’ comment.  It wasn’t like Shawna was the only law enforcement officer who had that sort of attitude.
 Shawna walked over to the bed and handed Athena a picture.  It was a blow up of a driver’s license photo and showed a serious faced black woman with short-cropped hair.
 “Who is she?”
 “Lamora T’Kaya,” Shawna said.  “You don’t recognize her?”
 “She went to school with you, in fact she’s been in all of your schools since you were in elementary school.  A year behind you, but according to records always there.”
 Athena cast her mind back but the woman in the photo didn’t trigger any memories.  
 “I really don’t remember her.”
 “Do you know her brother Lamont?” Shawna handed her another photo.  This was a young black man with a shaved head and a more earnest expression than his sister.”
 “I think he was on a few digs with me,” Athena said.  “Back in college.  Always seemed a bit off, he never said more than five words to me.  I think he vanished on one of the digs, the professor said he quit and we never heard from him again.”
 “So you weren’t involved with him romantically?”
 “He seemed to think differently,” Shawna said.  “And so did his sister.  There was an entire wall of her house covered in photos of you and she had a dart board with your picture on it.”  In his room was a set of letters detailing your romance.”
 “Our romance?  I barely talked to him.”
 “Are you sure?  His letters are very explicit, right down to the type of sex you prefer.”
 “I don’t care what they say, I never spoke more than ten words to him and I certainly didn’t sleep with him.”
 “Do you have a crescent shaped scar on you’re lower back?”
 “It’s above the swimsuit line,” Athena said.  “I never slept with him, never talked to him more than casually!”
 Tania put her hand on her shoulder and Athena forced herself to calm down.
 “Is she in custody?” Tania asked.
 “No, she bolted a few minutes before the FBI got to her house,” Shawna said.  
 “What about the pictures on her phone?” Athena asked.
 “They haven’t surfaced yet.”
 And they won’t if T-Gal has anything to say about it, Athena thought.  One of the first things she’d done when regaining consciousness was to put a call into the tech-based heroine.  If any of those pictures surfaced on the net they wouldn’t stay there for more than a split second and T-Gal would do her best to track their source.  So far none of them had.
 “What about the Cannon?” Tania asked.
 “He seems to have been on some sort of shopping spree,” Shawna said.  “I’ve heard that he’s had contact with an arms dealer, set up a new distribution for cocaine coming out of his farms in South America and there have been some art thefts from private collectors.  He’s been very busy.”
 Shawna took the photo’s back and put them in her purse.  
 “We’ll continue our investigation, in the meantime again please don’t try anything yourselves or call in any help.  They’d only get in the way.”

 “That woman!” Athena growled the next night as she and Tania flew toward the Pirate’s Lair.  “Freaks!”  
  “In her defense Athena she had no idea that we are White Owl and Ultra Woman.” Tania said.  “I’ve checked into her.  She may be insensitive but she is a good detective, well respected in the Middle East and Europe.  That’s saying something considering that she’s a woman, Egyptian and based in Alexandria.  But she also has a bad attitude toward superheroes and we’ve both faced that before.”
 “She didn’t believe me about Lamont,” Athena said.  “I’m telling you Tania I barely spoke to him.”
 “That is a mystery then,” Tania said.  “Somehow he built a fantasy life around you and convinced his sister that it was real.  Maybe that’s why she was so determined to get you.”
 “I’ve got enough enemies that don’t like me for real reasons,” Athena said.  “I don’t need ones that hate me for stuff I never did.”
 They landed on the terrace of the casino.  The Pirate’s Lair was one of the cities mid points between respectable and criminal.  The top floors of the hotel were first class and offices occupied the lower floors.  On the ground floor were upscale shops.  Underground for three stories were playrooms where women and men could be rented and used.  You had to be very special to get to those floors or even know about them.  It was the sort of place where starlets cavorted with crime lords and where the wealthy got their illegal drugs.  Security was tight and getting in the front door was a sign of high social status.  Getting in after it was closed was a sign of that same high social status, but for a different part of society.  The games that went on after the place was closed were the kind of games that could get a person a long prison term.
 Still even for a city used to a bit of sin there were limits.  The Pirate’s Lair was allowed to operate so long as it’s darker side kept a low profile and it kept hours that didn’t disrupt the city.  Also –much as it infuriated Athena- as long as it kept a good chunk of it’s profits heading to the right pockets.    
 It was two AM Sunday morning and the casino was closed, but the giant sliding doors to the terrace were open and the two heroines landed.  Athena held Tania back at the entrance.  Le Joueur, owner and operator of the casino sat at a table with bottles and three glasses in front of her.   Athena looked pointedly at the lit cigarette in her hand.  The Asian woman smiled and then snuffed it out.
 “Welcome ladies,” She said as they walked over to the table.
 Le Joueur had cut her long black hair short and there was a new scar on her throat.  But other than that she was the same slim, graceful and attractive Asian woman that Athena had met when she’d owned the Golden Spire.  She was wearing a revealing green dress lined with gold Chinese characters.  As a source of information the woman was reliable.  She was also far more dangerous than she looked.
 “Batty Rum with honey for White Owl, Black Jack’s Special Rum and Artemisia Absinthium and mint for Ultra Woman and my own favorite Grappa and Coke,” She said mixing and pouring the drinks.
 “You know we aren’t going to drink them,” Athena said “even if you drink them first.”  
 “Once was enough,” Tania agreed.
 Le Joueur smiled and sipped her drink.
 Athena told herself not to loose her temper.  Life was a game to the other woman, a game of betting and loosing.  She lived strictly according to that code and if you wanted information you had to work with that.  That had led to some strange, painful and embarrassing situations in the past.
 “I’ll bet this drink you are looking for Mr. Cannon,” Le Joueur said sipping her Grappa.
 “You’d win,” Athena said.  

 Tania sat back and decided to let Athena do the talking.  She had her own underworld sources but not in this city.  Informants were indispensible for anyone involved in crime fighting.  They were an interesting type of person, a type that Tania had never met on her home island.  Some were simply for sale, others motivated by vengeance or jealousy or plotting some scheme of their own.  It was amazing how much information could be found out about the underworld and it’s denizens if you knew where to ask.  Someone always knew something, it was just a question of finding that someone and asking the right way.  
 The right way to ask Le Joueur was to play her games.  Tania classified her as what a sociologist would call a person performing a dramaturgy.  She saw life as a play and herself playing a part.  Beneath her façade Tania suspected there was a lonely, hurt woman desperate for friendship and love.  Athena was the closest person that Tania knew who filled that role.  The conversation between them was a deep and fast cat and mouse game of catch with more hidden meanings than Tania thought either of them realized.  
 Not that the woman couldn’t be ruthless.  Tania remembered her own introduction to Le Joueur.  It had started as a friendly game of cards over drinks and it had ended with a weekend of warm leather and cold chains.  It hadn’t left permanent scars, but it had been a sensual experience Tania both did and did not want to repeat.  The second time had been more of the same, but Tania had been wise enough to pass on the drinks then too.  It hadn’t saved her from a long night but she had gotten the information she wanted as the game shifted from the card table to the bed.  But for all the bondage and sexual games Le Joueur had forced Tania and Athena to play she’d never pushed them too far.  She played at cruelty but was never actually cruel.  That was one of the reasons Tania suspected that Le Joueur really did care for Athena.  She’d heard from other heroines who’d lost their bets that the casino operator was far harsher with others.  Stunning Siren for instance couldn’t mention Le Joueur’s name without the anger showing in her voice.  Nor was the woman any gentler with heroes as Stunning Siren’s brother The Stunner could attest.
 But when the woman lost she told everything she knew and some of what she suspected with an insight that was very helpful.  Tania wasn’t really sure how she felt about Le Joueur.
 “…So he’s still in the city,” Le Joueur said.  “A robbery that made headlines across the world doesn’t make for any easy exits.”
 “He would have planned for the heat,” Athena said.
 “And he did,” Le Joueur said.  “He’s still here, but he won’t be for much longer.  Not with this kind of searching going on.  Not only the police but there are some heavy hitting underworld types that are art collectors.”
 “You know where he and Ms. Skunk are?” Athena asked but it wasn’t really a question.
 “I have a good idea on him, nothing on her.”
 “Do you know anything about her?”
 “She hates Athena Nichols for some reason,” Le Joueur said.  She leaned back in her chair and sipped her drink.  “Can’t imagine why, that woman’s pretty bland as women go.”
 How much of that was a front, Tania wondered.  Part of the dramaturgy?  Le Joueur knew that Athena was White Owl.  Why the…
 It was a signal, Tania realized and her eyes swept the room.  There was no one there.  Or was there.
 “Do you have a match?” Tania asked suddenly.
 Le Joueur passed a package to her and Tania lit one and used it to light the pack on fire, then she tossed the burning match book into the shadows at the end of the bar.
 A woman was revealed.
 “Ah, Miss, or is it ‘Ms’ Ebony Greed,” Le Joueur said.  “I guess I should have put out more glasses.  Come sit down, I’m sure you’re here for the same reason as White Owl and Ultra Woman.”
 “I am, and it’s just Ebony.”
 The woman came over and sat down and Tania watched her carefully.  Ebony was at least seven feet tall and so heavily muscled as to be nearly ridiculous looking.  Her skin was so black it seemed to absorb what little light there was.  She was wearing a black armored suit that matched the color of her skin so well it was hard to tell them apart.  Her hair was long and even blacker and the details of her face were had to make out because the seemed to be hidden in shadow.  There was a mask on her face, a copy of Athena’s style of half mask and in it her eyes glowed with a soft red hue.  The red was so subtle it was barely there.
 “Bit out of your territory,” Athena said.  “Don’t you normally stay in Europe?”
 “I go where the art goes,” Ebony replied.  Her voice had a strange hollow quality to it.  The tone reminded Tania of someone speaking through a trumpet.
 “You know her White Owl?”
 “Ebony Greed,” Athena said.  “What are she doesn’t steal from museums she steals from the people who steal from museums.”
 “I have no wants nor warrants in the US,” Ebony said.  
 “Are you here to compete against us or help us?” Tania asked.
 “Why?” Athena asked.  “You help us and you can get the reward.”
 “That’s small change compared to the price the Egyptian government has offered for the statue of Isis,” Ebony said.  “The one on loan from the British Museum that the English looted from Egypt in the 1900’s.”
 “That’s being decided in court.”
 “They won’t mind getting it early.”
 Le Joueur laughed at the confrontation.
 “Well this is a fun situation.”
 “That’s not the way I’d put it,” Ebony said.  “I want the information and I work alone.  Even” she added “if I have to stomp some pretty faces into the floor.”
 “That won’t be as easy as you think,” Tania said matching her aggressive stance.
 “Security,” Le Joueur called and Ebony, Tania and Athena were instantly caught in pink and green force field bubbles.  
 “Might as well get this straight now ladies,” Le Joueur said as Ebony Greed pounded on the field.  Athena did the same but Tania mere pressed against hers.  Unlike Athena she’d been in one of these before.  The more you hit it the stronger it became.  Hit too hard and a sleeping gas was released. “I’ve lost two casino’s to super powered battles.  I’m not going to loose this one.  As it is a quarter of my yearly profit is eaten up in insurance.  Either you play nice or I’ll leave you in those bubbles and call the cops and tell them that you broke in.”
 Ebony and Athena stopped punching and Le Joueur nodded.  
 “Cancel security.”
 The bubbles vanished.
 “Those were Mr. Restraint’s bubbles,” Tania said.  
 “Yes, I bought them from his widow when I bought this place.  I’m tired of having my casinos smashed like some old west saloon.  Now here are the rules.”
 She walked over to the roulette table and picked up the ball.
 “If this lands on black then White Owl and Ultra Woman leave and I give my information to Ebony, if it lands on red Ebony leaves.”
 She was actually angry.  Tania could tell from the way she had dispensed with her playful act.  Tania suspected that Le Joueur had planned an evening around the information she had and was disappointed that it had been spoiled.
 “Agreed.” Athena said.
 “I don’t like it, but I agree.” Ebony said.  
 “Fine,” Le Joueur said.  She gave the wheel a spin and tossed the ball onto it.  “It’s a pity really, I have a new room set aside just for you White Owl and I’m sure that Ultra Woman would have enjoyed herself too.”
 “Sometimes the house doesn’t win,” Tania said.

 “My dear the house always wins,” Le Joueur said.  “Didn’t you ever see Casino?  Robert Dinero was right.”
 “Very few in that movie ended up living happily,” Athena pointed out.
 “He did.” Le Joueur said as the ball landed on a red slot.  “And for tonight at least so do you.”
 Without a word Ebony Greed turned and walked into a shadow.  
 “Lights,” Le Joueur called and the casino floor was instantly lit as bright as a desert at noon.  Ebony was nowhere to be seen.
 “Show off,” Le Joueur sniffed.  “I’m sure she’ll follow you.”
 “I’m sure she’ll try.”
 “My dear Athena of course she will,” Le Joueur said with a laugh.  It was a forced laugh and Athena could tell that she was still disappointed and angry.  With a twist of her hand she produced an odd coin and handed it too her.
 “Roman 3rd century,” Athena said.  “Worth about twenty thousand and part of the robbery.”
 “Yes, one of my regulars was in debt to me for about that much.  I suspect he’ll know quite a bit about the affair.”
 “Where can we find him?”
 “Where do you find most sailors?” Le Joueur asked.  “In a run down place near the waterfront.  Apartment 23, 14 Sea Skull lane.”
 “That coin is part of the collection,” Athena said.  “It belongs to the museum.”
 “Care to wager on that?”
 An hour later Athena and Tania stood on the edge of a building near the waterfront.  The rooftop was littered with trash and rats skittered about.  They’d both flown as high as they could before coming to the building and landed back to back to make sure there was no sign of Ebony.  
 Not that it was going to be easy to spot her at night, Athena thought as she took her binoculars out of her utility belt.
 “You shouldn’t have played,” Tania said again.
 “That coin belonged to the museum,” Athena said.  
 “And now she’ll be able to sell it back and you’re her slave for a night.”
 “Not a slave,” Athena said “more like a playmate.  Look I can’t really explain it, but I think that Le Joueur has potential, I think there’s a good person in there.”
 “Do you think submitting to her is going to bring it out?”
 “I think…” Athena started and then stopped.  “I think if she thinks of me as a friend then sooner or later these games’ll stop.  In the meantime I can take being tied up for a night.”
 Tania stayed silent and Athena was grateful for that.  Ultimately Le Joueur and the relationship that they had was hard for Athena to explain to herself, let alone explain it to anyone else.  She couldn’t deny that a part of her liked the woman and sometimes even the games.  Sometimes when Athena lost the bet Le Joueur still played the sub to Athena’s dom.  Athena was sure that the woman was reaching for something more than what she had but Le Joueur didn’t even know what it was.  Given the life that she’d led and the abuse that she’d suffered the idea of an open, loving friendship with no strings attached was probably as strange and puzzling to her as quantum physics.  Athena was sure she could teach Le Joueur what true friendship was.  
 And so long as the games don’t go too far I’ll play along, Athena thought.
 “Someone beat us here,” Tania said.
 “Yea, Interpol.”
 Down on the street Shawna and another man were leading a large man toward a car.  She was talking on a cell phone.  Athena focused her binoculars and activated the audible enhancer.  
 “A tramp steamer on pier 15 taking medical waste to Africa,” Shawna’s voice could be heard over the tiny speaker.  “I want the harbor patrol and back up there in ten minutes.  Name of the ship is the Catch of the Day.”
 “I wonder how she found him,” Athena said.
 “I’ve heard that she was good.”
 Athena put her binoculars away and flashed her friend a quick smile.
 “But she can’t fly.  We can get there first.”
 “Wait,” Tania said.  
 Athena looked to where her friend’s eyes had traveled and saw a shadow on the other roof move.
 “Come on,” Tania said flying toward it.

 Twenty minutes later they were hovering over the edge of pier 15 and watching the pandemonium bellow.  Harbor patrol boats, police cars and even a swat team surrounded a large and aging container ship.  But no one was resisting.  The crew was crowded onto the dock, passive and handcuffed while a man in a captain’s cap was arguing with the leader of the swat team.  
 “I don’t think there’s much we can do,” Tania said.
 “Nope.” Athena agreed.  They’d spent too much time trying to corner Ebony and that had slowed them down.  Even now Athena kept glancing at the shadows.
 They watched as Shawna arrived and the Captain engaged in a wild argument with her.  From the looks of it the captain was protesting his innocence.
 “Could Le Joueur’s tip be wrong?”
 “Maybe,” Athena said.  “She’s not perfect.  But where else could that guy have gotten the coin?”
 They watched as Shawna directed teams of officers toward the cargo containers stacked on the ship.
 “This will be a while.” Tania said as the men started to open the containers.
 “Ummm.” Athena agreed.

 An hour later they were still watching and Athena was torn between boredom, frustration and just a little bit of satisfaction as she watched Shawna’s frustration grow.
 “Who’s the amateur now?”
 “Athena look.”
 Athena turned around and saw that Tania was pointing at another ship.  This one was smaller and slowly moving toward the open see.  In the lights on the ships deck she could see some sort of commotion going on.  Taking out her binoculars she focused.  
 “Ebony Greed,” Athena said. ”She’s fighting with the crew.”
 “Right pier,” Tania said, “wrong ship.”
 “Let’s tell her,” Athena said.
 They flew over to the Catch of the Day and landed on the deck where Shawna was directing the search.  She gave each of them a harsh glare.
 “I don’t have time to babysit superheroes,” She said.  
 “You’re on the wrong ship,” Tania said.  She pointed at the ship that was moving off.  “That one is the right one.”
 “How do you know that?”
 “Take a look,” Athena said handing her the binoculars.  “That’s Ebony Greed on the deck and she’s obviously fighting the crew.  Why else would she be there?”
 “All I see are some lights,” Shawna said and Athena realized that she couldn’t see the deck from the angle they now had.  “A brawl maybe, a mutiny…  Could be anything.”
 “Detective that ship is under way,” Tania said.  “In an hour…”
 “That ship is the Silver Starfish heading to Bolivia with a cargo of farm equipment and cars, we checked it yesterday.”
 “We saw a fight on the main deck between Ebony Greed and the crew.”
 “Which could be anything for any reason Ultra Woman,” Shawna said.  “Now if you don’t mind I have a ship to search.”
 “We’ll go out and check for you,” Athena offered.
 “What is it with America and amateur detectives?” Shawna asked.  “Leave the crime to the professionals.”
 “What do you think we are?” Athena demanded.
 “Swimsuit models who can fly.”
 “Detective collectively we have put hundreds of criminals behind bars,” Athena said stung by her tone of dismissal.  “I work closely with the city police.”
 “Fine, tell them about your hunch.  Now will you please move your Victoria Secret asses, I have a ship to search.”
 She turned away and Athena stared at her in shock and anger.  She’d known some cops who didn’t like superheroes but she’d never known one to turn down help.”
 “Come on Ultra Woman,” Athena said and flew into the air.
 “That is a very stubborn woman,” Tania said when they were out of earshot.
 “That’s a very dumb woman,” Athena said.  “See who’s the amateurs when we drop that ship in her lap!”

 The battle was in full swing when they arrived.  The ship had a crew of about twenty men and some of them were down on the deck not moving.  The rest were massed about the huge woman with clubs and were beating her relentlessly.  Someone had a thrown a cargo net over her and that was slowing Ebony down.  Tania could tell that the woman was loosing ground.  Despite the fact that they were on opposite sides Tania could sympathize.  She’d been in Ebony’s situation many times.
 Without the need for talk Athena and Tania split, each bowling into a separate side of the mob with Athena taking the left and Tania taking the right.  The men scattered and they pulled the net off of Ebony.
 “Thanks,” She said “I’ll give you half…”
 “We’ll settle later,” Tania said dodging a blow and sending a man flying with a kick to his stomach.
 “Take them down!” The Cannon shouted.  “Five thousand for each man if we get them!”
 Spurred on by his offer the crew surged toward them and after that there was no time to talk.  The fight took on a life of it’s own and Tania’s body moved with the skill of a lifetime of such battles.  There was a rhythm to it, almost a dance.  Punch, dodge, kick and then repeat.  Twice sheer numbers brought her to the deck but Athena managed to pull enough men off of her to allow Tania to free herself and then to help Athena who was being over run.  Gradually the number of attackers started to dwindle as men fell and were un-able to get up.  Tania was sure of victory.  If this had been a group of trained fighters they’d have been in trouble, but this crowd were more used to a tavern brawl than an actual fight.  
 Tania tried to keep track of the Cannon but he’d vanished and she wondered if he’d fled.  That was proven wrong when a beam of gray/green energy slammed into her and set Tania against a bulkhead with enough force to make her head ring.  It pinned her there and rings of black energy traveled along the beam and hit her stomach again and again with the force of a sledgehammer.  Out of the corner of her eye Tania saw Athena pinned down by five men.  The beam cut out and Tania fell to the deck struggling to get her bearings.  She was struggling to her feet when the men piled onto her with a net.  Pinned by their sheer weight she nevertheless pushed a few of them off and brought her legs up underneath her.  Tania was staring to rise when one of them pressed a cloth over her face.  Tania felt dizzy for a moment and then sad.  Very sad.
 Suddenly Tania was seeing her daughter head out into space, suddenly she was seeing a sunset, and suddenly she was looking for her lost doll, her favorite doll.  Tania started to cry and as the sadness overwhelmed the amazon her struggles subsided.  All the sadness that she had ever known in her life filled her; overwhelmed her.  It crushed her and she no longer felt like fighting.  She just wanted –no, needed- to be left alone to cry.  She felt herself pushed face first onto the deck, felt her arms being pulled behind her and felt blow after blow hit her head and none of it mattered.
 Athena’s laughter made Tania look over and she saw her friend pinned to the deck as she was.  Athena was pinned on her back with two men on her arms and one on her legs and another was punching her breasts again and again.  With each blow Athena laughed harder.
 Athena knew that it was some derivative of the drug that had put her out before but it didn’t matter.  She was happy and that was it.  It wasn’t like the time she had been hit with laughing gas.  This was just pure happiness.  A joy that made everything ok no matter what it was.
 “Snap out of it!” Ebony Greed demanded pushing over to her.  She shoved the men away and lifted Athena up by her costume.  
 Athena just laughed at her.  
 The same beam of energy that had stunned Athena slammed into the other woman and she was thrown across the deck and into the wall of a cargo container.  Athena watched laughing as the men attacked her and one of them pressed a cloth over her face.  For a moment Ebony started to sag but then she threw them off of her with a titanic shrug.
 “That doesn’t work against someone who doesn’t breath you fools!”  She shouted.
 “Then maybe this will!”
 The beam of light was pure white this time and Ebony screamed as it pinned her to the wall of the cargo container.  It pulsed like the last time and hit her again and again until she fell to the deck.  She struggled to rise and then screamed as bright spotlights were focused on her.
 “Don’t like the light?” One of the men taunted and five of them set on her with clubs and brass knuckles.
 Athena had laughed through it all and she kept on laughing as some of the men pinned her to the deck.  She barely felt any pain as her breasts were pounded on repeatedly.  The blows stopped when the Cannon walked over to her.  Beside her Tania kept crying.
 “Let’s throw’em over the side,” A tall sailor with a scar on his throat growled in a harsh gutteral voice when Ebony was finally still.  He kicked Athena in the stomach.  It hurt but Athena kept laughing anyway.
 “Not here,” The Cannon said.  “We’re too close to the harbor and someone might see.  Besides they might be worth something to someone.  Come on, let’s take them down bellow.  Get Salty and tell him to bring his stuff.  Get that belt off of White Owl.”
 He bent down and looked at Athena.  
 “Might be able to sell them, might just drop off for sharkbait.”
 Athena laughed in his face and he joined her.  
 Athena had never laughed so long in her life.  She and Tania were half dragged/half carried into the old of the ship and thrown against the bulkhead.  She was too happy and Tania too sad to do anything.  They lay helpless and watched as an old deck hand carrying a trunk nearly as tall as himself walked into the room.  He wasn’t tall but he was broad and looked to be as old as the sea itself.  He had one eye covered by a black patch with a red skull and crossbones on it and his skin was the color of dull copper.  His jeans were worn and his shirt had seen better days.  His hair was the color of sea foam.  
 “We have to keep them tight,” The Cannon said.  “Use the best chains we have, Ultra Woman is strong enough to break small ones.”
 “I been chaining up women since women were around,” Salty said in a thick accent.  “It ain’t the size of the chains Skipper, it’s how you use’em.”  He turned to a large black crewman.  “Turner, you still have those brass knuckles you’re wives used on us?  The small ones fit for a lady?”
 “Sure, got’em in my cabin.”
 Turner left and Salty walked over to Athena and smiled at her.  
 “Pretty one,” he said and Athena laughed.  “Keeping them pretty while they chained ain’t easy.”
 “First we get them chained, then we decide what to do next,” The Cannon said.  “We got the stuff but it’ll wear off and Ms. Skunk said there might be some real brain damage if we use it too much.”
 “Damn silly stuff,” Salty said as he ran his hands over Athena’s body.  “You want to take a woman out you just beat her or get her drunk and then beat her.”
 There was nothing overtly sexual in the way he touched her, it was more as if he was a tailor fitting her for a new dress.  His hands cupped her breasts and reached around her throat and her wrists.  Satisfied he went to the chest and took out two lengths of chain.  Then he took a surprisingly sophisticated laser cutter out of the old chest and cut them to size.  Going back he fitted one of the chains snugly around her waist and the other around her neck.  Athena felt the heat as he used the laser to weld the links back together but he was skillful enough not to burn her.  Once he was done there was no way to take the chains off without breaking them.  He ran another chain from the one on her neck to the one around her waist and secured both ends.
 “Got’em,” Turner said returning.  
 “Thanks, put a cleat with a ring on it onto the bulkhead.”
 Turner took a cleat out of the box and walked over to the wall.
 Salty pulled one of Athena’s gloves off of her arm and then put her fingers into the brass knuckles.  He closed her hand into a fist and then whistled a lilting tune.  It was strange to hear such a beautiful tune come out of the old salts mouth.  Shock made Athena stop laughing for an instant as the metal flowed around her fingers, locking her hand into a fist.  A ring was now around every segment of her fingers attached by a small bar to a larger bar held in her palm and the large bar that covered her knuckles’ now had a ring in it.  Her fingers were completely immobile.  
 Salty rolled Athena onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back.  He pulled her hands higher and higher until Athena felt her arms were going to break.  Her wrists were just past her shoulder blades when he stopped.  Despite the pain she was happy and kept laughing.  She felt him attach the rings on her knuckles to the chain around her neck.  When he let go only the chain around her waist kept Athena from choking herself as her arms tried to pull down.  Despite the intense pain coming from her arms Athena had never been happier.  She giggled as he finished.
 “Done,” Turner called.    
 “This’ll do it,” Salty said pulling Athena over to the wall and attaching another length of chain from the ring on the wall to the chain around her neck.  It forced her to sit upright.  “Even if that stuff weren’t holding her down.”  
 He was right.  Athena had no leverage with her arms pulled back and up and if she pulled too hard the chain around her waist would pull up, allowing the chain around her neck to choke her.
 “What about her?” The Cannon asked gesturing toward the weeping Ultra Woman.
 “Amazon’s is trickier,” Salty said.  “But she ain’t the first one I’ve set.”

 Tania watched in misery as the old sailor went over to his chest and reached into it.  She’d watched as Athena was bound and winced at the posture that the bondage had forced her friend into.  With all her heart Tania wanted to move, to fight and struggle.  But she couldn’t.  She just couldn’t.  Sadness filled every part of her, paralyzing her mind and soul.  She could fight back but that wouldn’t stop the sadness.  She could even win but what then?  She could stand over their unconscious or even lifeless bodies and there would be no joy in the victory.  Even the thrill of battle would be lost to her.  It felt as if she would never again no joy or happiness.  
 Salty walked back over to her and he was carrying a black chain attached to a disk.  The disk had a black choker attached to it.  The chain was wide and flat with the links being circular, not the rectangular ones he had used on Athena.
 “Stand her up and hold up her arms,” He ordered.
 Two of the men grabbed Tania and pulled her to her feet and then held her arms above her head.  Tania had run out of tears but choked sobs still escaped her.  The old sailor paid no attention as he put the choker around her neck and detached the disk from it.  Then he started to wrap the chain around her stomach.  Starting at her waist he carefully encircled her body with link after link, drawing an endless supply from the disk.  It took him a while and he pulled it snug as he wrapped.  When he reached her breasts he crisscrossed, between them.  When he was done the chain was wrapped around Tania’s upper body from her waist to her neck.  He re-attached the chain to the disk and pressed the disk between her breasts.  There was a metallic click as the disk mechanism took hold of the chain.
 “Put her arms down.”
 The men did so and he put his hand on Tania’s shoulder and forced her to her knees, then forced her to lay down on the deck.  Once she was down he rolled her onto her back and she felt him attach chains to her wrists and more chains from her wrists around each leg down to her ankles.  Then he took hold of her legs and dragged her over to Athena.  Another chain from the ones on her ankles secured her to the same cleat that held Athena
 “Now this’ll do it,” Salty said pushing the button on the disk.  
 There was a hum and the chains started to grow tighter.  Tania quickly found it difficult to breath.  Her legs and arms were pulled back until her wrists were nearly touching her ankles and her spin felt like it was being torn in half.  The chains squeezed her body like it was in a huge vice and when they finally stopped Tania found it impossible to draw a full breath.  She could barely breathe at all and the lack of breath made even keeping awake hard, movement was impossible.
 “That’ll hold her?” The Cannon asked.
 “Oh yea,” Salty said.  “Way back when I was on a smuggler and we picked up an amazon.  Not sure why she was in the middle of the ocean, but she was in a bad state.  The captain back then he grew to like her.  She didn’t like him though and beat the hell out of him, even hurt as she was.  He was an old dog though and didn’t give up.  Finally got her in a bear hug and after spending his life lifting rum barrels he could have squeezed the life out of a whale if he’d gotten his arms around it.  Once she was out he got the ships witch to make that and that worked for a few days.  
 “What happened?”
 “He got drunk, got stupid and she got loose and nearly killed us all.  The witch and me got away in a lifeboat while she was still fighting the rest of the crew.”
 “When was that?” Turner asked.
 “About the 50’s I think,” Salty said.  “I remember I thought I’d be rowing all the way to New York but we got picked up by the SS Atlantic and I got to see the Singing Nightingale.”
 “Damn you’re old man,” Turner said shaking his head.
 “Enough of the old time memories,” The Cannon said, “She get’s loose and we’re in trouble.”  
“She’s stronger than any of us but her muscles still need air and she ain’t gonna get enough of it while that’s on her.  She for all of us Skipper?  Amazon’s are rough lot in the sack, she can handle me and Turner.  Best to have a ring-gag handy though, they bite.”
 “For now it’s enough that she and her friend are out of action,” the Cannon said.  “I got another on deck for you to work on.  If they aren’t worth anything I’ll let you and the crew pass her around, till then hands off.  You’ll get first try.”
 A chorus of aye-aye’s greeted his order and he took a phone out of his pocket and snapped a picture.
 “There should be someone willing to pay for these two.”

…To be continued.
Scents of Danger Part 2
White Owl and Ultra Woman are determined to get back the stolen art and avenge their humiliation but such things are not easily done.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Scents of Danger

 Athena both resisted the temptation to yawn from her fatigue and the thrill of excitement that were threatening to make her hands tremble.  Spread out and back lighted on the special reading table a scroll of papyrus seemed to sing to her.  She’d been staring at the faded images for weeks now and after nearly nine hours and Tania’s help they had finally fallen into place.  Beside her Tania leaned over and examined one of the faded images using a magnifying glass.  Tania was a little taller and slimmer than Athena, with golden hair to Athena’s black.  Her face, like Athena’s, was hidden behind a special mask and glasses and they were both wearing white clean suits.  On the two way computer screen above the scoll table her words took shape as she wrote on the computer tab.  The translation was pure gold as far as Athena was concerned.
 “You were right,” Tania said.  “This does indeed bear the name of Penthesilea and tells how she was struck from behind by Ajax just as she thrust her spear into Achilles mouth.  She believed that his mouth was vulnerable.  She was wrong, only his ankle was.”
 “That’s going to drive some Homer scholars nuts,” Athena said smiling under her mask.  “According to Homer Achilles knocked her down and she begged for her life before he killed her.”
 “Typical,” Tania said.  “The men of that time could not stand to have a woman even partially their equal.”
 “Some men in this time too,” Athena said.  
 A bell sounded and Athena pressed a button on the table.  A thick glass cover slid smoothly over the twenty-foot long scroll.
 “Well we can’t look at it again for another day,” Athena said as special lights came on.  “But the preservation gas and these lights will stop any further decay and we’ve scanned what we’ve seen into the computer so we can go over it in my office.”
 “I would like to polish my translation,” Tania said as she followed Athena to a heavy door and opened it.  Once inside a small airlock they started to pull off the white paper suits and masks.
 “Her fate was long known to my people of course,” Tania said.  “Every amazon knows that tale from childhood as an example of how men fight.”
 “Some men anyway,” Athena said.
 “True,” Tania nodded.  “We do carry it too far at times.”  
 “Why’d you never tell anyone the truth?”
 “Who would listen or believe?” Tania replied.  “There are those who don’t even believe that I’m an amazon.  Even this is going to be disputed.  Where was it found?”
 “It was in a sealed jar found in what was a privy near a Roman temple,” Athena said.  They left the airlock and walked through the museum toward her office.  It was late and their heels echoed through the empty display rooms.  Athena loved to walk through the museum after it was closed.  As she walked past the displays she felt as if she were walking through history.  “Of course you can’t dig five feet in nearly any place in Rome without finding something like that.  We’ll have to wait to unroll the rest of it to find out who wrote it, if we get that lucky.  At least the gas will keep it from decaying anymore.”
 “The gas is new isn’t it?” Tania asked.
 “Yea, very new and we were lucky to get it.  A special xenon/argon/kryptonite mixture that’ll actually bring out some of the old color.  We might even see if there are any messages in invisible ink on it.  Some of them have that.”  
 They entered Athena’s office and Athena sat down behind her deck and pulled a bottle of wine and two glasses from her bottom drawer.  After pouring them each a glass she leaned back and sighed contentedly.
 “To some unknown scribe,” Athena said lifting her glass.  Tania returned the gesture.
   “To privy’s that never get cleaned out.” Tania responded with a smile.
 They drank and Tania sat down.
 “Thanks for coming in on this,” Athena said.  “I wonder who wrote that scroll, what happened to them?  What possessed someone to seal it up so it wouldn’t be damaged and then hide it in the one place it wouldn’t be found?”  She sighed contentedly.  “I live for those questions.”
 “It might have been a female scribe.  Men hide knowledge for so many reasons,” Tania said.  “My guess is that someone was re-writing history and the Amazon involvement at Troy was according to Homer very slight.  Someone would rather have had his version as the final one.  Who ever didn’t feel that way might have been a minor scribe without the power to stand up for the truth so they hid it away.  Maybe they planned to dig it up later when they were more powerful and never had the chance.”
 “Maybe,” Athena agreed.
 They sat in silence and sipped their wine.  Athena felt her excitement ebb as her mind drifted to that un-known scribe or scholar.  
 A half of an hour later Athena and Tania were still sitting, their wine untouched.  Neither of them had said anything or moved.  Athena felt listless.  Not bored or tired just vaguely aware that she should be doing something but she didn’t know what.  The wine looked inviting but she seemed to have no desire to taste it again.
 Leaning back in her chair Tania seemed to be having the same problem.  Tania was wearing a blue V-neck sweater with white pants and matching blue belt and shoes.  Her large –and false- glasses framed her blue eyes.  She was so different when she was in her Ultra Woman costume, Athena reflected.  Tania was more dynamic and forceful as befitted a costumed heroine.  
 But then so am I, Athena thought.  The long gray skirt, white blouse and gray blazer she was wearing were completely different from her White Owl white swimsuit and mask.  
 The door to her office opened and a short woman with mahogany skin and long black hair walked in.  She was wearing a conservative black business suit and a Hawaiian style tribal mask that grinned fiercely.  White lenses hid her eyes.  Athena was struck by her height; the woman stood just less than five feet and was slimly built.  She was carrying a large black purse slung over her shoulder.  Behind her came a tall man wearing an expensive business suit.  His face was hidden behind a Guy Fawkes mask with the mustache painted red and his eyes too were obscured by white lenses, but his brown hair was perfectly styled.  Athena didn’t know the woman but she knew the man.  The Cannon was a man who made his fortune by breaking any law of man and god he could.  He also had a habit of making his opponents vanish or at least shooting them with a gun until all that was left of them was little pieces.  Athena had run into him more than once when he discovered how valuable stolen art could be.  He was clever and usually had muscle around to back him up.  
 Behind them came another man.  He was tall and heavily built and wearing a simple black ski mask and his dark eyes weren’t covered.  His nose looked like it had been broken a few times.  His massive form was clothed in a pair of jeans and a tight T-shirt.   The skin on his arms was a deep golden tan.  
 “Impressive,” Cannon said.  “Usually by now people are indignantly demanding to know who I am.”
 Athena looked at them, trying to connect them with a feeling that should have been there, but wasn’t.
 “It’s all emotion Mr. Cannon,” The woman said.  She walked over to Athena and took the wine glass out of her hand.  “My gas has eliminated any possibility of them feeling anything and without feeling there’s no motivation.
 Athena stared at her.
 “You want to know who we are Athena?” The woman asked.
 “I guess,” Athena said.  
 “But you really don’t care.”
 “No,” Athena admitted.
 The woman poured the contents of the glass over her head.  It ran down her face and into her blouse.  Athena felt the dampness but there was no response from her, just a vague feeling that she should have done or felt something.  
 “See?” The woman said turning to Canon.  “Complete absence of emotion.  She can’t get mad and if she can’t get mad she can’t act.”
 “Very impressive,” Canon said.  “How far does it go?”
 “I’ll show you,” The Woman said.  “Jacque, come here.”  
 The big man walked over to her.  Despite his bulk he moved with a certain grace.  Athena guessed he was some sort of professional fighter.
 “Slap her.”
 He responded to the command with a slap across Athena’s face that knocked her backward off of her chair and onto the floor.  Athena felt the pain rip across her face from the blow and from the arm of the chair as it jabbed into her back.  But she felt no desire to retaliate or even get up.
 “Help her up.”
 Again he obeyed and pulled Athena to her feet.
 “Someone’s just walked into your expensive, luxurious office and assaulted you Athena,” The woman said.  “Shouldn’t you do something about it?”
 “I don’t know,” Athena said.  “I guess.”
 She should have been doing something about it.  Athena could remember many times when she’d faced someone like Jacque.  She could remember blocking their blows, hitting them, throwing them across the room.  But for some reason she couldn’t find a motive to do it now.
 “Jacque tear her clothes off.”
 Athena stood still as the big man smiled and ripped her blouse open.  
 “Not the underwear,” The woman said as he reached for Athena’s bra.  
 “Awe come on Ms. Skunk,” The man complained.
 “Not the underwear,” Ms. Skunk repeated sternly.
 “Why not?” Cannon asked.
 “Because when the time comes to take the last bit of her dignity and expose her to the world I want to do it myself.”
 The woman’s voice was filled with hate and even as numb as she was emotionally Athena wondered why.      
 Jacque sighed and proceeded to tear Athena’s clothes off of her body.  He did it roughly, ripping at the seams and jerking her from side to side.  When he was done Athena was left standing in her shoes and a black lace bra and panty set complete with garters and black stockings.  Dimly she was grateful that she hadn’t worn her White Owl costume.
 “Well Athena?” Ms. Skunk asked.  She held up her phone and Athena blinked at the flash as her picture was taken.  “We’ve just come into your office, assaulted you and now we’ve humiliated you.  Are you mad yet?”
 The word had meaning and power but Athena couldn’t remember what meaning or power.
 “Feel her up Jacque,” Mildy ordered.
 Jacque smiled again and his rough hands reached under Athena’s bra, kneading and pinching her breasts.  Still she felt nothing.  The feel of his hands on her skin was uncomfortable and she wanted to do something but there was no real motivation to act.  Even when he squeezed her nipple hard enough to make her wince she couldn’t feel anything.  She could barely remember the name of the emotion they wanted her to feel, let alone experience it.
 “You know we got time Ms. Skunk,” Jacque said.  “How about a full test?”
 “You want to leave DNA evidence?” Ms. Skunk asked and Jacque stopped groping Athena.  “I didn’t think you wanted to go back to prison.”
 “As amusing as this is,” Canon said, “what about the second part?  Athena what are the alarm combinations for the museum?”
 Athena looked at him.  She knew what he wanted and while she wasn’t... ‘Angry’?  Was that the word?  Yes, that was it.  She wasn’t angry but she saw no reason to tell him anything either.
 “Well?” Canon demanded.
 Ms. Skunk opened her purse and took out a small plastic bag.  There was a black cloth in the bag and she opened it and then walked over and placed it over Athena’s mouth and nose.
 Athena did nothing but look curiously at the cloth.  She didn’t smell anything but she did feel weaker.  Her eyes closed and she sagged and would have fallen if Jacque hadn’t held her up.
 “Give me your pen,” Ms. Skunk said.
 After a few moments Athena felt stronger and she opened her eyes.  The first thing she saw was the pen.  Ms. Skunk was holding it in front of her face and Athena’s eyes focused on it.  
 She gasped at it in horror.  The pen was black with a silver clip and black button on top.  The plastic was shiny, the silver clip hooked at one end.  Athena stared at the pen and the more she stared at it the more she feared it.  Her mind tried to work, tried to tell her that it was just a pen.  But her mind failed.  The black plastic seemed to reach out to her, tearing at her eyes, refusing to let her look at anything else.  The blackness cast a hook into her soul and started to draw it from her body.  The clip was a dagger ready to plunge into her chest again and again and she had no defense against it.  She could already feel it cutting and tearing into her skin, feel the blood drain from her body.  The pen was the ultimate weapon, it could do things to her, things that paralyzed her mind and shriveled her spirit.  The ink within the pen was drawn from the deepest pits of the deepest hell, it was a black liquid that could blot out all the light Athena could ever hope to see.  It could mark her skin, put a black line across her body in any direction.  The thought was so horrifying that Athena felt her heart skip.  There was no limit to the danger that she was in from that pen.  
 Athena backed up and Ms. Skunk followed her, keeping the pen in front of her face.  She held it higher and Athena sank to her knees as it loomed menacingly above her.  The pen was more terrifying than any gun or knife; it was her death and more than her death.  Eternal torment, unending pain, perpetual suffering…  All of it could and would come from that pen.
 Athena realized that she was on her knees trembling with fear, crying and she was whimpering too.  She wanted to plead, to beg, she wanted to promise Ms. Skunk anything that she could or couldn’t do as long as the woman got that horrible pen away from her.  She’d never known or imagined this kind of fear before.  
 “Does each display and lock in this place have it’s own combination?” Ms. Skunk asked.
 “Yes,” Athena got the word out through chattering teeth.
 “You’re going to take us to each one and you’re going to unlock them for us,” Ms. Skunk said moving the pen closer to Athena as she spoke.
 “Yes!” Athena screamed in pure desperate fear and Ms. Skunk pulled the pen back.
 “Very impressive,” Canon said.
 “What about the other one?” Jacque asked.  “Want me to tear her clothes off too?”
 “You’re having a lot of fun tonight,” Canon said.
 “There’s no need,” Ms. Skunk said.  “That was a sight trigger.  Allow me to demonstrate the audio trigger.”
 She walked over to Tania and took a plastic bag with a green cloth in it out of her purse.  She took the cloth out of the bag and then she pressed the cloth against Tania’s face.  Tania seemed to sag for a moment and her eyes fluttered shut, then opened again.

 Tania blinked as the room came back into focus.  She’d watched the assault on her friend and seen Athena’s panicked reaction to the pen.  None of it had seemed to matter.  She had watched as the woman came toward her with the cloth.  Tania guessed that it was chloroform and she had waited for the familiar sweet scent, the weakness in her limbs and the darkness.  She had waited for it with out any feelings at all.  But the cloth hadn’t smelled sweet.  There hadn’t been any smell to it at all, but the familiar weakness was there as well as the darkness.  But it only seemed to last a few moments and then she was awake again.
 “Your clothes.”  Ms. Skunk said.
 The reaction was instant as Tania’s eyes widened in shock and then in terror.  She looked down at herself and suddenly remembered that she was wearing clothing.  A blouse!  Pants!  Underwear!  
 On her body!
 Tania felt the menace of the cloth, the cloth that was made up of uncountable threads crisscrossing, linking, binding themselves in a pattern designed to cover her, confine her and hide her beauty.  She couldn’t breath.  Tania felt her heart beat wildly against her chest as if the material of her bra was clutching at it.  Clutching at her life, choking her heart, making her lungs labor for every breath!
 It was too much and wild now with her own panic Tania tore at her clothes.  She didn’t take them off; her mind was too full of terror for her to remember how to do that.  Besides taking them off would take too long.  She tore at them and fell to the ground, wrestling with the fabric.  Tania careened around the room, now on the floor, now backed up against the desk or the wall.  At times she struggled to her knees or even to her feet only to fall in a wild tangle of limbs and torn cloth.  The clothes were everywhere on her and in her panic she didn’t know what part of them to attack first.  
 And it was a battle.  She realized that as she pulled the bra up to her mouth and tore at it with her teeth.  A battle more desperate than any she had ever been in.  She tasted the cloth of her bra in her mouth, tasted the dry material and it was the worst thing she’d ever tasted.  She bit it into pieces and spit them out even as her hands were tearing at her pants.  Her legs kicked and bucked as they tried to shed her stalkings and Tania scratched herself tearing off her panties.
 Finally she lay on the floor panting for breath, too exhausted to pull the last bits of her skirt from around her waist.
 Ms. Skunk bent over and put a white cloth over her face.  After a few seconds the fear faded and Tania couldn’t even remember what it felt like.  She could only lay there, nude but feeling nothing at all.
 “Damn that’s some good pictures,” The muscle said holding up his phone and looking at the video of Tania’s battle.  
 “Do we have a deal?” Ms. Skunk asked.
 “We do, once my boys clean this place out.” Canon said.  He walked over and bent down beside a panting Tania.  Almost casually he ran his hand up her leg and between her thighs.
 Tania felt his hand but couldn’t feel anything, not anger or shame or anything.  There was a reason she should stop him but Tania couldn’t remember what it was.
 Tania just looked at him blankly.
 “This stuff has a lot of penitential.”
 “Only the numbing agent can be airborn,” Ms. Skunk said.  “I could have made the others airborn if I’d had more funding.”
 Without warning she slapped Athena’s face and then hold the pen in front of her eyes.  Athena screamed and covered her eyes, cowering against Jacque.
 Tania watched it as the Canon had continued his massage of her private parts but even her body failed to react to that.
 “Come on Athena,” Ms. Skunk said as Jacque pulled Athena to her feet.  “Let’s go help Mr. Canon do some shopping.  Jacque bring her and the other one, have fun with their bodies if you want, but keep it in your pants.”

 For the rest of the night Athena and Tania followed the three of them through the museum.  First they walked to the loading dock where a flash of the pen was enough for Athena to key in the alarm canceling combination and open the door.  Two large trucks and a crew of ten men were waiting for them.  There were catcalls as they saw Tania and Athena’s lack of clothing.  After that Canon led them through the exhibits, pointing out works of art that he wanted, ones that he didn’t want and some that he declared no one would want.  They passed guards but the guards looked at them and did nothing.  While some of the exhibits were being looted Canon allowed some of his men to feel up Tania and Athena but no more than that.  In that part of her mind that was still working Athena suspected that Ms. Skunk was the reason more wasn’t happening to them.
 Ms. Skunk didn’t leave them completely alone.  At each exhibition she forced Athena and Tania to pose suggestively and took their pictures with her cell phone.    
 They finished the night on the loading dock.  It was near dawn and by Athena’s estimation Canon had just robbed her museum of at least twenty million dollars in rare art and artifacts.  Now she and Tania stood and watched as he handed a suitcase full of cash to Ms. Skunk.
 “One last proof,” Canon said.  “You promised me that this stuff could be deadly.”
 “It can be,” Ms. Skunk said.  “But first…”
 She walked over to Athena and though there was no way to tell Athena was sure that she was smiling.  Ms. Skunk held up the phone.
 “All these pictures Ms. Nichols, everyone of them will be posted sooner or later.  To you’re friends, your brother and his children, they’ll be all over the net.  But not yet.  In a few months, a year…  When ever I feel like it.  All that money you’ve gotten in grants, gifts…  All that extra funding for those digs in exotic places… Not helping now is it?”
 “Jacque, bring the other one over here.”
 Jacque obeyed Ms. Skunk’s instructions and walked Tania over to face Athena.  From her purse Ms. Skunk took out a red cloth and pressed it over Athena’s face and then over Tania’s.  Then she stood back.
 Athena felt weak for a moment and her eyes closed.  When she opened them the first thing she saw was Tania.  Athena stared at Tania’s beautiful face and perfect blue eyes and felt hatred boil up within her.  For the first time that night she was angry and then she was beyond angry.  She couldn’t stand Tania.  She couldn’t stand that the woman in front of her was still breathing.  
 A low growl started in her throat and erupted out of her mouth as she charged the amazon.  Tania matched that growl as she charged toward Athena.
 “They’ll keep fighting until one of them is dead,” Ms. Skunk said.  Athena heard her even as she was trying to block Tania’s blows.  
 “That has possibilities,” Canon said.  “I suppose you could make them love each other as well?”
 “Love, lust, hate, envy…” Ms. Skunk said.  “The complete list of color combinations and formulas are in my purse.  No guard in no museum in the world will ever give you any trouble again.”
 “Well worth the money,” Canon said.  “We’d better leave.”
 They turned to leave just as Athena got her hands around Tania’s throat.  Tania grabbed her throat at the same time and they faced each other with eyes blazing hatred and spite.  
 As both women struggled to breath and kill neither of them even heard the trucks pull away with the stolen art.

…To be continued.

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 Tania owned by
Scents of Danger Part 1:
Athena and Tania are examining an ancient scroll when a new villainess with a deadly new weapon attacks.
A different Perspective by Skytower
A different Perspective

  “I’m home,” Jane called as she close the door behind her and shook the snow off of her coat and hat.  It was the first snow of the season and Jane loved to walk in it, especially on a 4-day weekend.  Thanksgiving had never been big in the Lane household and Daria’s family was in Europe attending Quinn’s movie opening, which left them both 4 days of no work, no school, and a calmer, quieter Cambridge.  Sabrina being a witch didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  Jane was looking forward to a weekend of wheedling both of them into posing and working on the underground comic ‘Lady Canons’ that Jane was the driving force behind.  She drew, Daria wrote and Sabrina magically produced the comic out of thin air to save printing cost.  The comic was a wicked satire of the superhero genre and Jane loved drawing it.  She knew Daria liked writing it, but she hated posing for it since that involved wearing a costume.  She also knew that Jane didn’t really need for her to pose.  They both knew that Jane just liked seeing Daria in the jungle girl costume.  Daria always dressed plainly, it was a thrill to see her in a costume.

  “We’re in here,” Sabrina called back from the living room. 

  Jane pulled off her boots and hung up her coat and hat and walked down the hallway.  One of the many advantages of living with a witch was that you could live in a grand Victorian that neither she nor Daria could have afforded alone or together.  The place was three stories with an attic, widow’s walk, cellar and just about any other type of room that Sabrina needed.  Including a dungeon.  It had antique bathtubs, a long staircase with banister and wood paneling and floors.  It was all kept up by magic, saving them the trouble of almost all of the housework and aside from a few ghost even Daria had been hard pressed to find anything wrong with it.

  Jane heard the music before she walked into the library.  Sabrina had a love of late 1960’s bubblegum pop and the sounds of ‘Sugar, Sugar’ filled the room.  The young witch was dancing to the music in a wild way that sometimes made Jane wonder if Sabrina was double jointed.  Sabrina had a slim figure with short white hair that framed a face with a cute nose and blue eyes.  She was wearing a sleeveless blue dress belted at the waist and black slippers. 

  “Where’s Daria?” Jane asked.

  Sabrina giggled and pointed at the table where the old fashioned record player was plugged in.  Jane looked at if for a moment.  The table had an old fashioned TV, a big stuffed panda and other items and a pink cover parted in the middle was thrown over it. 

  “Where?” Jane asked again.

  “Down here,” Daria called out.

  Jane looked and saw her friend half hidden behind the pink cover and a cushion hassock.  Daria was sitting with her back to the wall and was wearing a black skirt, green coat and tan shirt.  She was holding something in her right hand and one of her feet was bare, on the other she was wearing a sock. 

  “What happened?” Jane asked as part of her took in the fact that Daria couldn’t have been much larger than a Barbie doll.

  “She was going on and on about one of her students report on Gulliver,” Sabrina said.  She stopped dancing and fell backward onto the overstuffed chair next to the table.  “She kept saying how the moron got the idea of the story all wrong and that Gluamdalclitch wasn’t this or that and that the students idea’s of perspective was all wrong.  So I asked how did she know that the perspective was wrong, she’d never been small.”

  “So I said,” Daria said in a voice that could have frozen the room, “That no one could possibly know how Gulliver felt since it was impossible for someone to be that small.”

  “Oh dear,” Jane deadpanned. Daria had one of the most down to Earth, literal minds that she knew.  Her friend since high school saw the world as black and white, on and off and there wasn’t a lot of room in her mind for wild flights of fancy.  Living with a witch had softened her quite a bit but sometimes Daria talked too much like the teacher she was and Sabrina felt it her duty to correct her.  This wasn’t the first time Jane had come home to find that Daria had been on the loosing side of a magical argument.

  “Well I couldn’t let that pass,” Sabrina said.  “I’ve been that small and smaller many times and I thought it’d be nice to show her how wrong she was.”

  “How long have you been like this?” Jane bending down in front of the table.  She’d always been taller than Daria, but this was different.  Her friends long deep red hair looked doll-like and her oversized glasses helped the impression

  “Long enough for her to let Salem chase me around,” Daria said shooting Sabrina a harsh glare.

  “Well you’re the one who insisted on climbing off of the table while I was in the other room.” Sabrina said.

  Jane bent down and studied Daria closely. 

  “What are you looking at?” Daria demanded.

  “Why are you holding a toy cell phone and what happened to your shoes?”

  “I threw the shoes at a big spider that tried to catch me,” Daria said.  

  “And Seymour the spider wasn’t too happy about that,” Sabrina said sipping from a Coke that magically appeared in her hand.

  “He was going to eat me,” Daria said. 

  Sabrina shrugged.

  “And the cell phone?” Jane asked.

  “I found it behind the chair while I was hiding from the spider,” Daria said. 

  “How many bars do you get?” Jane asked earning a harsh look from her friend.

  “She used it to bop me on the nose when I picked her up,” Sabrina said.  “I dropped her and she ran under there.”

  Jane giggled and then hid it when Daria glared at her again.  She sat down and crossed her legs and stared at her now tiny friend.

  “Will you please stop staring at me.”

  “Sorry, I just have the plot for the next issue of Lady Cannons,” Jane said opening a draw and taking out her sketchbook.  “I have got to do some sketching.”     

  “I don’t think you’ll have time,” Daria said crawling out from under the table.  “Sabrina said she’d grow me back as soon as…”

  She looked over at the chair and scowled.  Jane followed her gaze and saw that Sabrina had vanished leaving only a cloud of glittering dust.

  “Well I guess I’ll have time,” Jane said.  “Try to give me that angry look that shows Jungerella is a dangerous jungle girl.”

  Daria succeeded and Jane suppressed another giggle.


  An hour later Jane put down her pen and surveyed the work.  Pencil sketches had been followed by pen and ink since Jane realized that Daria’s face just called out for crosshatch patterns.  Daria had stood it all with her usual stream of aggravated comments on all things witchcraft.

  “Are we done yet?” Daria asked as Jane put down the pen.  “I’d like to get back to full size now.”

  Jane looked around.

  “I think you might have to wait a bit,” She said. 

  “Sabrina!” Daria called. 

  There was a slight popping sound and a piece of paper appeared in mid-air above them and then floated down.  Jane snatched it out of the air.

  “Been called to a witch’s conference,” Jane read, “be back tomorrow.  Love Sabrina.”

  “Sabrina!” Daria screamed. 

  “P.S.” Jane continued as the writing appeared on the paper.  “Jane can be Gluamdalclitch for a while, that should give both of you perspective on Gulliver’s Travels.”

  “Who’s Gluamdalclitch?” Jane asked putting the paper down.

  “One of the characters of Gulliver’s Travels,” Daria said walking over to the paper.  “When he was small…”

  “I thought he was a giant?”

  “I’ve read that book too you,” Daria protested.

  “You’ve read that book to me while I was painting,” Jane said. 

  “So you didn’t pay attention?”

  “I got the gist of it.”

  Daria growled and Jane fought down the smile that was threatening to break out on her face.  She knew very well who Gluamdalclitch was and she was beginning to suspect what Sabrina was up to.

  “On one of the islands Gulliver washed up on he wasn’t a giant, he was tiny. Gluamdalclitch on that island was a young girl who took care of him.”

  “Really?  How?”

  “She washed him, made a bed for him, took care of him…”

  “Well I guess I’ll have to do that then,” Jane said.  She picked up her pen.  “After a little more work.”

  “I’m done posing,” Daria snapped.  She stood and folded her arms defiantly.

  “You don’t have to pose,” Jane said putting the pen down.  “Actually there’s something else I want to try.  Take off that sock.”


  “The sock, take it off.”


  “It’s just a sock.”


  For a moment that started to stretch into minutes neither of them said anything.  Jane held her face as she knew that Daria’s curiosity would get the better of her sooner or later.

  “Why do you want me to take the sock off?” Daria asked at last.

  “You’ll see,” Jane said smiling.


  “I bet Gluamdalclitch never put up with defiance,” Jane said and she was still smiling.  “I bet she had a good way of enforcing her commands.”

  “So you’re commanding me now?”

  “Aren’t you the bright shrunken girl.”

  “I’m not doing it,” Daria said and she folded her arms again.

  Jane could have thanked Daria for that since it saved her some trouble.  She reached over and grabbed her shrunken friend, pinning Daria’s arms to her side.

  “Let me go!” Daria screamed kicking her legs.

  “Not until we get some ground rules clear little missy,” Jane said in the mock Old Aunt’s Voice she sometimes used.  She picked up a ruler and swatted Daria’s butte with it.

  “Hey!” Daria shouted.  She kicked her legs furiously and pulled and tugged at Jane’s grip.  “Sabrina’s going to put a spell on you someday you know!”

  “No back talk young missy,” Jane said in the same voice.

  She rapped Daria’s bottom a few more times before Daria gave in.

  “Ok!” Daria cried out.  “Enough!”

  Jane chuckled as she put her friend back on the table.

  “You enjoyed that way too much,” Daria accused.

  “So did you,” Jane accused.

  “Shut up,” Daria said as she sat down and pulled the sock off.

  “Sort of reminds me of how you met Sabrina.”

  “We said we’d never talk about it.”

  “You said we’d never talk about it,” Jane said.  “Sabrina put it on her Witch’s Blog.”

  “What?” The question exploded out of Daria’s mouth and Jane laughed. 

  “Relax.  Only witches can see it.”

  “Ok now what?” Daria asked.  She balled up the sock and threw it at her.

  Jane picked Daria and then took a brush and dipped into the ink.  Carefully holding her legs apart Jane deftly applied the ink to the bottom of Daria’s feet.  She could tell that Daria was stifling a giggle while she did so.  Jane took care not to tickle her too much.  That might be too much fun later, but for now she had a definite idea.

  “Ok,” Jane said grabbing a giant size sketchpad and putting it on the desk.  She set Daria on it.  “Walk.”


  “Walk to the edge!” Jane ordered holding up the ruler.

  Daria shrugged and started walking along the edge of the paper.

  “Perfect,” Jane said when Daria got to edge of the paper. 


  “Look,” Jane said pointing to the small footprints.  “I have the perfect diagram of how a tiny woman walks.  That’ll be helpful for reference.”

  “Good for you.  Now can I…  Hey!”

  Jane chuckled as she picked Daria up and applied a new layer of ink. 

  “Now skip,” Jane ordered as she put Daria back onto the paper.  “Then we’ll move onto hopping on one foot, left and then right, then both feet and then… Cartwheels!”

  Jane threw her hands up and clapped as she said the last word and Daria glared at her friend.

  “All for artist reference,” Daria said sarcastically.

  “Skip!” Jane ordered slapping Daria’s rear-end with the ruler. 

  Daria yelped and started to skip along the paper.


  “I am not made for this!” Daria protested as she hand-walked across the paper.

  “You’re doing fine,” Jane said.  “I’ve got you.”

  She held her hands on either side of Daria’s legs, steadying her friend as Daria walked on her hands across the paper.  They’d filled up ten pages of Daria’s tracks as she made her way across the pages.

  Daria grunted but made it the last few inches and Jane let her lay down.  Then she grabbed the paper and set it with the others.

  “No more,” Daria said breathlessly.

  “Yea I think I’m about done with the hands and feet,” Jane said.  “How about I dip you completely in ink and you roll around for me?”

  “Don’t even think about it!” Daria said sitting up.  “And you’re having too much fun.”

  “No I’m not,” Jane said.  She picked the bottle of ink up and held it over her tiny friend. “I could though…” 

  “No!” Daria exclaimed and bent down covering her head with her arms.

  Jane chuckled and set the bottle back down.

  “Ok, maybe I am.”

  “I swear the next time Sabrina turns me into a snake again…”

  “It’s getting kinda late anyway,” Jane said interrupting her friend.  The witch didn’t always play nice and that the last memory Jane wanted to be reminded of.  “Hungry?”

  “Yea,” Daria said and Jane guessed she was probably grateful for the change of subject.

  “What about the other stuff?”


  “Bathroom? Gluamdalclitch did take care of everything.”

  “I thought you weren’t paying attention.”

  “I lied,” Jane shrugged again and she could tell that her smile was irritating her friend. 

  “No I don’t have to do anything else,” Daria said blushing again.  “I hope I get back to full size before I do.”

  “It is a logistical problem when you think about the size of the toilet,” Jane admitted.  Her arm swept forward and picked Daria up, cradling her tiny friend against her stomach as she walked.  Jane ignored her friend’s startled cry and carried her upstairs.  “I could just hold you over it…”

  Daria growled and squirmed.

  “First we’ll get cleaned up and then we’ll have something to eat.”

  “How about a little warning next time,” Daria demanded.  “I don’t like rollercoaster’s remember?”

  Jane took the stairs two at a time and moved quickly down the hall to the bathroom.  The room was designed as a bathroom, not just a closet converted to one.  Aside from the antique bathtub there was a separate circular shower, sink, toilet and floor to ceiling mirror all done in a black and white Art Deco theme.  Jane loved the patterns on the tiles.

  “Hey!” Daria cried out as Jane put her on the shower curtain rod. 

  “Just hang out a sec,” Jane said as Daria scrambled to get her legs around the rod.  The ceilings of the room were twelve feet and Daria was now eight feet above the floor.  She hid it well but Jane could see the look of fear on her face.  Jane wasn’t worried.  This was a magical night and she was going to make the best of it. 

  Ignoring the rest of her shrunken friend’s protest Jane dashed into her own room, tearing her shirt off along the way.  She pulled her bra off with equal haste and ran to her closet.  There was a box of toys in her closet, left over from when she and Daria had sat for Sabrina’s nephews.  Jane shuddered and giggled at the memory and pulled out a small toy rowboat.  Tossing it onto her bed she pulled off her pants and underwear and then grabbed the boat and her robe as she dashed back to the bathroom.  Daria was still where she’d left her but she’d moved toward the edge of the shower.  Probably planning to climb down the pipes.  Jane kept an eye on her while she filled the tub.

  “I guess I’m not using the sink to clean up,” Daria said.  She was stiff as Jane picked her up and put her on the top of the toilet.

  “What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help you clean up?” Jane asked pouring some bath crystals into the steaming water.  While it filled up Jane tossed her robe onto a hook near the door and turned to her.

  “Talk about perspective,” Jane said holding up her arms and striking a diva pose.  “Gaze and be amazed at the nude magnificence of the giantess Jane Lane!”

  Jane could see herself in the mirror that was set on the wall and she was pleased at what she saw.  Neither she nor Daria were stunning beauties, they were petite and slim but they were good looking enough.  Jane’s breasts were firm and her areolas were dark brown and the nipples exaggerated, her pubic hair was a wild V shaped tangle.  She wore her black hair short, just to above her shoulders and her face had filled out to a handsomeness that the artist in her appreciated. 

  But now she was trying to imagine the view that Daria was getting.  It must have been incredible once you factored in the height difference.  She looked closely at Daria’s face; past the glasses and that neutral expression she wore so perfectly and gazed into her friends eyes.  There was a flicker there, a spark, Jane was sure of it.

  “Thrilling,” Daria deadpanned the reply.  “You’re big and naked.”

  “And you’re tiny and about to get naked,” Jane said.  There’d been a crack in her friends reserve, Jane was sure of it.  The tub was filled so she shut of the tap and then reached over to the toilet and picked her up.

  “I’m not doing this,” Daria protested but there wasn’t much defiance in her voice and Jane ignored her comment.  Holding Daria with her arms pinned to her side Jane tugged at Daria’s skirt.  Daria kicked but as it was pulled down her legs Jane could feel herself becoming more and more aroused.  When the skirt was fully off she tossed it onto the sink.  Daria was still helpless in her grip, her arms pinned to her side and her face set in a determined look of defiance.  But her breath was coming quickly and Jane spotted a small damp spot on her friend’s panties.  Jane set her onto the floor.

  “You want to do the rest yourself?” Jane asked and her voice had gone from commanding to daring.

  Daria ran under the tub.

  “Oh come on!” Jane said bending down so that she could peer under the tub.  Daria had backed up all the way to the far wall and sat huddled with her knees up to her chest.  She was half hidden by the shadows.

  “Go away!” Daria commanded and Jane was shocked at the tone of her voice.

  “You really don’t want to do this?” Jane asked.  She lay flat on her side on the cold tile and rested her head on one arm while she let her other hand trace the tile pattern. 

  “What?  Be played with like a Barbie Doll?”

  “Wouldn’t be the first time,” Jane said.

  “You’re not Sabrina,” Daria said.  “She’s a witch.”

  “Well…” Jane said still tracing the pattern.  She’d been having fun but the tone in Daria’s voice was different than it had been.  Jane knew her friend, knew her moods and her voices and the voice of defiance before Daria had run under the tub was different from the one she was using now.  Daria was scared of her and that brought a sick feeling to Jane’s stomach.  “I’m not a witch, but we were having witch-like fun a moment ago.”

  “You were.”

  “You were too.”

  They were both silent for a few minutes and then Jane lay on her back.

  “What if I promised to lay here and not move a muscle as you climbed all over me?” Jane asked.  “You could tie me up like Gulliver.  Or you could use that chloroform that Sabrina keeps in the top drawer of her dresser.  Or…”

  “What if I don’t want to play at all?” Daria demanded and Jane turned her head to see that Daria had come out from under the tub and was standing next to her.  Her arms were folded across her chest.  “Not if I’m a doll or not if I’m normal.  What if I don’t want to play at all?”

  For a long time there was silence.

  “Do you want to play?” Jane asked the question she’d wanted to ask for years.  Jane turned her head and looked at the ceiling, afraid of what she might see in Daria’s eyes.

  The silence in the bathroom increased and Jane felt a tear slip out of her eye.  She felt it go down her face and even thought she heard it as it splashed against the tile.  Daria didn’t say a word.

  “That’s it then,” Jane said starting to get up.  “Well I guess Sabrina can stand living with just one mortal room mate.” 

  “What if it doesn’t work out?” Daria asked.

  Jane stopped and turned on her side again.

  “Remember when we didn’t talk?  That one time we fought?  I was miserable.”

  “I wasn’t too happy myself.”

  “When you got back from that artist camp you told me about the counselor who made a pass at you.” Daria said.  “I could hear what you were feeling in your voice.”

  “For her,” Jane said stressing the last word.  “Not for you.”

  Jane rested her head on her hand and rested her finger on top of Daria’s head.

  “Daria if one of us were ever going to leave the other it would have happened years ago.”

  “There’s a difference.”

  “Yea, we’re finally talking to each other about it.”

  “Darn witch.”

  Jane chuckled again. 

  “I think she’s one of the reasons I think this could work,” Jane said.  “After everything we’ve been through with her our ideas of normal have changed a lot.”

  “There aren’t many friends who can say they’ve switched bodies,” Daria admitted. 

  “Or been stuck in a fairy tale,” Jane said.  “You gave the Red Queen a run for her money.”

  Daria smiled briefly.

  “You ever think she’s been doing all this to us to push us together?” Jane asked.


  “She wants her pets to be happy?” Jane suggested.  “We both know that’s how she sees us.”

  “I’ve known that since she asked us to move in with her,” Daria said. 

  “How about we stop fighting this and her and give it a try.”

  “We can’t be just friends if it doesn’t work,” Daria said.

  “We can’t be just friends anymore now either,” Jane said sitting up.  She reached down and put Daria back on the toilet.  “We’re in the water Daria, it’s time to swim or drown.”

  “You chose a great place to tell me that,” Daria said un-folding her arms.

  Jane chuckled.

  “So what do you mean by try it?  What do we do now?”

  “Have hot sex?” Jane suggested.

  “How?” Daria asked.

  “Oh, yea…” Jane said as the size difference hit her.

  “I think Sabrina’s plans have hit a snag,” Daria said folding her arms.

  “Maybe not,” Jane said.  “Maybe it’s not so much about sex as it is about trust.”

  “What do you mean?”

  Jane placed her hand palm up next to her shrunken friend. 

  “If you step on my hand you’re saying that you trust me, that no matter what I’m going to do to you it won’t hurt, it won’t be dangerous and you’ll enjoy it.  You trust me so much you’re willing to be completely helpless with me in charge.  Maybe that’s what she wanted to have happen.”

  Daria looked at Jane’s hand.

  “Or maybe she just forgot us again like she did in Wonderland.”

  Jane didn’t reply and after a long moment Daria stepped into the palm of her hand and sat down, laying her legs out and leaning on one hand.

  “What now?” Daria asked.

  “Uh…” Jane couldn’t finish the sentence.  Suddenly she was completely focused on the fact that Daria was sitting in the palm of her hand.  That her friend had in fact done it, given herself completely over to Jane and whatever Jane might do to her.  Jane had known Daria for years and this wasn’t something her friend did.  Not did lightly or casually, it was something she didn’t do period.


  Daria looked up at her.

  “Ummmmmm…..” Jane drew the sound out trying to get her mind working.

  “I don’t think Sabrina thought this through,” Daria said.  “We can’t really make love when I’m like this.”

  “I don’t know about that,” Jane said as her mind finally started to work again. 

  “Did you read a book I didn’t?” Daria asked standing up.

  “Never,” Jane said.  “And I doubt there’s a chapter on shrunken women in the Karma Sutra, but I’m a kinda inventive kinda gal and I think I can get ya going.”

  “Get me going?  What am I an old car?”

  “Let’s start with the basics,” Jane said.  “Stand up.”

  Daria got to her feet and Jane felt her mouth go dry.  She reached over and slipped the tip of her fingernail into the front of Daria’s panties.  Daria gasped and started to grab Jane’s finger but then stopped and with a visible effort pulled her arm away.  Jane felt a wave of un-identifiable emotion flood through her and it took an effort to keep breathing. 

  After a few moments to steady herself Jane pushed the panties down to Daria’s knees revealing a tangle of red/brown pubic hair.  With the panties still at her knees Jane ran her fingernail up and down against Daria’s vagina.  Daria stumbled a few times and then fell back onto Jane’s hand.  Jane took advantage of that to pull the panties the rest of the way off.

  “Motor revving yet?” Jane asked.

  “Let’s just say you’ve got a key in the ignition,” Daria replied. 

  Jane laughed even though a part of her was amazed at the comeback.  Even more amazed that either of them had been able to speak. 

  I guess neither of us can be really shocked speechless, Jane thought as she rubbed the tip of her finger against Daria’s vagina.  A vagina that was now extremely wet.  Are we going to wisecrack our way through this?

  No, Jane answered herself.  Not this.  This is going to be real and genuine Daria, no jokes, no wisecracks, no sarcasm.

  Jane let her finger move up under Daria’s jacket and shirt and then pulled it back.  She did this a few times, moving it higher and higher until her finger touched Daria’s breasts.  The fabric strained.  Daria moaned and opened her mouth to say something but Jane quickly pulled her finger out and put it to Daria’s lips.

  “No talking for a while,” Jane ordered.

  Daria nodded passively and Jane felt an electric shock go through her.

  “Take off the jacket,” Jane ordered and felt her own arousal grow as Daria un-zipped her jacket and took it off.”

  “Hand it to me.”

  Daria did so and Jane worked hard to keep her fingers from trembling as she took the jacket and put it on the sink.

  “Now the shirt.”

  Daria was slower with the shirt and for a moment Jane thought that she’d call it all off.  But then the shirt was off and she was handing it to her.  Again Jane had to work to keep her fingers from trembling.

  I have got to get you some sexy underwear, Jane thought as she saw Daria’s plain white bra.

  “Lay back,” Jane said and when Daria had done so Jane began to stroke her again.  She ran her fingers along Daria’s legs, between her legs, across her stomach and then her chest and arms and head. 

  During all of this Daria lay in Jane’s hand, she offered no resistance but her body was hot and trembling, her breath coming quickly and shallowly.  Even through the bra and even at her small size Jane could see that Daria’s breasts were full, the nipples stiff.

  “Roll over,” Jane ordered and her voice cracked with emotion and arousal.

  Daria rolled over onto her stomach and Jane felt her mouth go dry at the sight of Daria’s rear.  She used her fingers to push Daria’s legs apart and then pushed her finger between them.  She pushed under Daria’s body until she could feel the stiff pubic hairs and then lifted her finger up and down.  Daria’s bottom rose up and down and Daria moaned with pleasure as Jane applied pressure and then released, letting her finger slide along Daria’s vagina as gravity pulled her back down.

  Jane kept it up for a few minutes and then carefully stood up, letting Daria lay face down in her palm as she stepped into the tub and sat down.  Slowly Jane lowered her hand until it was resting on top of the water.

  “Swim around a bit,” Jane ordered and let her hand slowly sink away from under Daria’s body.

  Daria started to swim and Jane leaned back, watching in fascination as her friend raised tiny ripples in the bathwater with each stroke.  Jane raised her foot out of the water and Daria swam around it and headed back to her.  When she got close enough Jane put her palm under Daria and lifted her out of the water.  Daria sat as she had before, her hair plastered against her head, her glasses covered with water drops and her white bra now semi-transparent. 

  Jane almost climaxed at the sight.

  “Might want to loose the glasses now,” Jane said holding out her other hand.

  “I want to see you,” Daria said. 

  Jane thought a moment.

  “If you call me ‘mistress Jane’, I’ll let you keep them.”

  For a few heartbeats Jane thought she’d gone too far.  But then Daria gave a quick, small smile.

  “Please Mistress Jane let me keep my glasses.”

  Jane swallowed hard at the submission.  Daria was a master of sarcasm and the tone of her voice could have cut Jane to pieces if she’d wanted it too.  But it was a voice filled with fun and there was no mockery in it.

  “I will allow it,” Jane said.  “But take the bra off.”

  Daria reached behind her and unhooked her bra and then let it fall from her chest.  Jane reached over and took it and then tossed it over the side of the tub.

  “Raise your arms.”

  Daria obeyed and Jane reached over and took hold of her friend.  Her fingers closed around every part of Daria’s tiny body and Jane’s own body trembled with excitement.  Taking Daria in both hands Jane slowly put her into the water.  Daria’s arms hung over the side of Jane’s fingers and her legs were completely trapped in Jane’s grip.  Jane submerged her until the water was just up to the bottom of Daria’s mouth.

  “Deep breath,” Jane ordered and Daria obeyed.  Jane let her take a deep breath and then pulled her under the water so that only Daria’s hands were above the surface.

  The hands were steady and Daria didn’t struggle.  Jane gave her friend to the count of ten and then pulled her up.  Daria sputtered, a bit out of breath but she didn’t protest.

  “Put your arms down.”

  Jane took a washcloth from the side of the tub and wrapped it around Daria’s body.  Then she began to rub it up and down using her fingers.  Daria moaned and writhed, her body completely enveloped by the combination of fingers and cloth.  Jane dipped her into the water up to her neck and continued her manipulation of Daria’s body.  She didn’t have long before Daria gave out a cry of passion and then lay limp.

  Jane sighed as she lay back against the tub and pressed Daria against her chest.  She kept her tiny lover wrapped up in the cloth and gently kneaded her body.  Daria only sighed and moaned with pleasure.

  I wonder if it’ll be this good when she’s full sized? Jane kept the question to herself.  After a few minutes she got out of the tub and walked over to the sink.  Placing Daria onto it Jane got a dry washcloth and slowly and carefully dried her, taking particular care not to pull Daria’s hair as she toweled it dry.  Once Daria was dry Jane started to dry herself.  Neither of them talked until she was done.

  “That was…”

  “Yea it was,” Daria finished when Jane trailed off.

  “You really got into it,” Jane said. 

  “Yea, I did.”

  Daria sat down and crossed and un-crosed her legs a few times.  Jane sat down on the edge of the tub and let the silence grow.

  “I never thought I was that kinky, or kinky at all,” Daria said at last.  “But when I heard your voice ordering me…  I just liked it.  I felt…”

  “Safe?” Jane supplied and Daria nodded.  “Daria you go through life wearing a suit of armor, I’ve only seen it slip a few times since we met.  I liked seeing you without it tonight.”

  “I liked being without it.”  Daria paused.  “At least I have for this.”

  “So if we both liked it,” Jane said after they were quiet for a few minutes “you want to ask Sabrina if she can brew up a shrinking potion that I can give you every so often?  When she’s not around.”

  “I think that’d be ok.”

  “Do you think you’d like this if I were small?”


  Jane’s eyes widened in surprise.

  “I don’t think I could do it as well as you did,” Daria said.  “I don’t think I’d feel as…  As safe.”

  “What about when we’re full sized?” Jane asked.  Daria had reached a climax but Jane hadn’t and while she didn’t really feel cheated Jane knew that she wanted more.

  “I don’t know,” Daria said.  “But we can try.”  She paused and then added. “If you’d like to, it might not be as fun as what we just did.”

  Jane shrugged but in her mind she was picturing the two of them.  Then she realized that she didn’t really know what to do.  Not really.

  “I think with Sabrina around the two of us are going to have to get used to experimenting.” Jane said.

  “Good point,” Daria said. 

  “Well I’m clean and tired, but I’m not hungry anymore, how about you?” Jane asked standing up.  It was a good time to end the conversation she knew, before they went into places neither of them was ready for.

  “Same.  Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

  “With me of course.”

  “If you turn over in your sleep I’ll be crushed.”

  “Trust me,” Jane said putting her hand palm up on the toilet seat.

  After a moment Daria stepped onto her hand and sat down.

  Jane carried her into the bedroom and put Daria down on her dresser.  Then she opened a draw and pulled out a multicolored silk scarf.

  “Now put your arms up and stand still,” Jane ordered. 

  Daria stood still as Jane wrapped the scarf around each of her legs, starting at the ankles and working her way up.  When she reached under Daria’s arms she wrapped the scarf around her shoulders, up and down each arm and then pushed Daria’s arms down and bound them snuggly to her sides and then wrapped her legs together.  When she was done Daria was completely wrapped from neck to toe. 

  “Wait here,” Jane said laying her onto the pillow.  She darted into Daria’s room and grabbed the pillow from her bed.  Going back into her room she put the pillow on her bed next to her’s.  Picking Daria up she placed her on the pillow.

  “I’m not sure this is safe,” Daria said squirming slightly.  “What if I roll off the bed?”

  “Not done yet,” Jane said.  She opened the top draw of her dresser and took out two oversized safety pins.  Carefully she used them to pin Daria’s left and right side to the pillow.

  “Now I’m done,” She said.  “You can’t roll off and I’ll respect the pillow boundary.  She reached over and lightly stroked the bottom of Daria’s feet with her fingers.  Daria tensed and tried to pull away. 

  “So before we get some sleep don’t you have something to say?”

  “Good night?”

  “Close,” Jane said giving Daria’s feet another pass.

  “Good night Mistress Jane,” Daria said.

  “Good night my little doll,” Jane said reaching for the light.  She got into the bed and added; “Sleep tight.”


  Sabrina stood with Salem curled up in her arms and watched from the doorway as they slept.  There was a devilish spark in her eyes that would have scared both Daria and Jane if they had seen it.  But neither stirred as Sabrina walked into the room.  Jane was splayed out on the bed, her arms and legs going in four different directions with just a sheet over her body.  Daria was completely immobile and sleeping peacefully.  Sabrina traced her fingers lightly across Daria’s head and then across Jane’s.  Neither of them reacted to the spell as it revealed their memories of the night’s activities to the young witch.

  “So it worked?”

  “It’s a good start.” Sabrina said.  “I’ve been working hard to get a submissive streak into Daria almost since we first met.  She’s just been so stubborn.”

  She muttered a spell and waved her head in the air above Daria.  Sparkling dust floated down and glowed for a moment before it was absorbed into her body.

  “Editing her memories?” Salem asked.

  “That and adding a few,” Sabrina said.  “Retrofitting a few instances of repressed desire for Jane into her mind, even a few flashes of one of the other girls in her school.  That should help.”

  Sabrina sat down on the edge of the bed as her cat familiar hopped onto the bed and started to sniff Jane’s feet.  “Daria’s one of the toughest projects I’ve ever worked on.  Nothing was working until now.  But I can tell that she enjoyed being Jane’s plaything even if I had to give her a little boost with the spell, so she’s on her way.”

  “But she’s Jane’s play thing, not yours.”

  “One step at a time,” Sabrina said.  “That’s why nothing I’ve done has worked till now.  She loves Jane, she’s just scared of me.  Up till now it’s been a sisterly love between them.  I just had to give that a boost over the past few months, now I can let it grow on its own.  Jane would have been easy but I didn’t want to loose Daria.”

  “So you still want them both?”

  Sabrina nodded.

  “I can’t seduce Daria myself, but once Jane has tamed her I can seduce Jane and through Jane Daria.”

  “That’s a lot of trouble when a mind spell would do the same thing.”

  “I don’t work that way and you know it,” Sabrina said sitting on the bed.  She pulled the sheet off of Jane and let her fingers trace around the base of the young woman’s breast.  Jane stirred slightly but the spell held her asleep.  “I hate bullies and it’s so much more fun when they come to me freely.”


  “They’re mortals,” Sabrina said standing up and pulling the sheet back over Jane.  “If I don’t give them hints they’ll never find their way through the maze of life and achieve contentment.”

  “Which translates into serving you,” Salem said. 

  “Have I ever made anyone unhappy?”


  “Anyone important.”

  Sabrina’s tone of voice was all the warning Salem needed.

  “Not that I can think of.  What are you going to charge Jane for the shrinking potion?” He asked changing the subject.


  Sabrina stretched the word out and then started to giggle.  She kept giggling as she gathered Salem into her arms and carried him out of the room.  As they left her giggle turned into a very witch-like cackle.














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